Hello World!


It finally happened, I started a blog. The purpose of it is to document my one-year-long retail clothing fast. Fortunately, I am a sewing enthusiast, so I will not be doomed to wearing old rags. Most of the “rags” you’ll see me in will be me-made. As a reasonably new mom (my son is 3.5 yrs old), I sew for him as much as I sew for myself, so few posts might be on his clothing too. My husband gets the short end of the sewing stick, as I only occasionally make him ONLY sweatpants, so far I made him 3 pairs! Finally, I do not sew for my kitties. But if I should change my mind, I think I should start with sweatpants.

In today’s world, it can be hard to feel good about your body. If your clothes do not fit properly, chances are you’ll feel even worse. As a 5 feet tall (152cm) woman, even when I was a rail thin 98 pounder my clothes did not fit me. As the years went by, and weight piled on, and came off, and on, and off (you get the idea), my clothes did not fit me. Now that I’m older, I know that my weight or height do not describe my worth as a human being. But my clothes still don’t fit me. It downed on me that I, like so many of us, do not fit the mold of RTW industry, and I gave up trying to fit. Rather than spending time and money altering RTW clothing, I can spend the time to make something uniquely me. I tend to treat sewing patterns as suggestions, sometimes with infuriating results. But always oh soooooooooooo educational!


Last Saturday, I crashed a Toronto sewing bloggers’ meet. Met a lot of super-nice and fun ladies. Got inspired. Shopped. Made plans for future sewing-related excursions. Swapped stuff.


Here’s the loot: 3 patterns (2 for kids, one purse), and 2 kinds of fabric. Black and white zigzag will be a shirt, and the brown cotton… Oh I don’t know what, but I so love the pattern and the texture. Have a closer look: brown

Pants? Skirt? Jacket?