I think I’m in Love…

Earlier today I made two garments, both are promising to be my spring/summer favourites. I feel that everybody involved in the process of making these should be thanked. So here we go:

1) Thank you McCaul, for putting out M6754. Terribly cute pattern, and I’ve been dying to make it since last summer. Also, it is a terribly silly pattern. Or it is great if you are a person who is comfortable with seeing your bellybutton through your front neckline, and your butt-crack through the back neckline. When I made the first version of View A the only thing that I liked about it was the placement of the bust darts. I liked them enough to go on with another muslin… Interestingly enough, both of the following versions have darts that go too high. Oh well, I think they make my bewbs look perkier, no?

2) Thank you to my sister-in-law. She wears horizontal stripes like no one else, she wears them all the time, big stripes, small stripes, and what-not stripes, and ALWAYS rocks them. You see, I am intimidated by horizontal stripes, and a lot of my stash involves stripes, because I love stripes. My SIL has a very similar physique to mine, she might be 1″taller than I, and is equally apple-shaped, so there is no reason why she should rock those stripes, but not I!? It’s all about attitude, yo! You wanna see what I made yet?



3) I also would like to thank The Stashbusting Sewalong 2014 group, who are such a swell bunch of gals! This month’s theme is COLOURS! I love all the colours, I sew all sorta koo-koo hues, but I got to thinking about sewing for work, or for when I cannot match a jacket to a dress, because all of the clothes that I make are so crazy colour-wise. So I’ve decided to make me a dress out of the plainest piece of knit that I had: medium weight, grey t-shirt fabric, 100% cotton with not a lot of stretch. I thought of it as a plain canvas, on which one might hang a crazy jacket or a sick belt. When I put it on after I attached the skirt to the bodice, I gasped. It was the most understated but also elegant piece of clothing that I made. The way the skirt hung, how the fabric skimmed my body without clinging to my rolls… Love at first sight!



And just to prove a point about it being a canvas on which one might hang things, I tied a piece of random cord around my waist, to mimic a sick belt, of course:


See how pretty? Point proven…

4) Thank you wind, for blowing some nice weather this way, perfect for taking pictures:




Small makes for small stuff

Howdy! How are you? Me, I am still doing so well in my 2014 stashbusting quest! This time, I decided to deal with the smaller scraps. So I made these:


What are these? Small containers, like these:


The big guy with the badly installed rivets and a leather handle is a thread catcher. And the rest are catch-all for small stuff. Like these:


Each one of them took approximately four minutes to make, I serged (sergered?) all the seams (for speed and a little decorative effect) mostly without any measuring, which was a fun and very organic project. I can’t remember where I got the idea for these, but it was in some magazine, where they converted legs of old jeans into similar containers. I needed something smaller, to hold my necklaces and knick-knacks that always get tangled and mixed up in my drawer (I am not the best organizer, you know…) Bring on more stuff!




That was the reason I made these, to house my precious stuff. BTW, my sister makes these bracelets, they are gorgeous, and I am a lucky owner of quite a few of them! Is there more stuff we need to put there? Yes!


And now, let’s have a STUFF PARTYYYYYYYYYYY!

IMG_0225Happy organizing!

Letting go…

It’s been becoming more and more apparent to me that I need to let go more. I am a person that gets attached to people, causes, routines, unnecessary scraps of fabric, and what not. When things are over, it is hard to let go. I sometimes agonize about things that happened years ago, and any homegrown psychologist will tell you how unhealthy such behaviour can be. It is time to stop, and since sewing became such a coping tool and metaphor  for my life the only logical thing to do is to join the….

STASHBUSTING SEWALONG 2014!!! (I will add the button when I have the code for the button, for now the link will have to do).

So here’s my pledge:

I, Jagoda of fitnottofit.worpress.com pledge to decrease my stash by at least 3/4 (probably approx. 2,4597,841 yards) by the end of this year. I will not purchase fabric for any of my projects, unless I really, really, really need it. I will also restrain from buying patterns from the Big 4, but I will GENTLY support indie pattern makers. Furthermore, I will curb my binge of Craftsy courses (damn you Craftsy, why do you have to be so good?). I may purchase only 1 course every 3 months. Therefore, I would highly encourage my friends and relatives, and other enablers, to gift me fabric, especially if it’s awesome. Please and thank you very much. 

IMG_0201So here’s my stash, innocent enough, right? Not so, considering that I have more stuff in the laundry room, and also on another shelf. I also have boxes and boxes and bags of scraps, which are larger than an elbow patch and smaller than half a yard. So I gathered all of that stuff, dumped it on the floor, and I got a pile 2 feet tall.

PicMonkey Collage

All this stuff! I separated everything by it’s kind, and my attention zeroed in on a bunch of flannelette baby blankets that I saved since my son was a baby. Why? Apparently, to eventually make me a PJ top! I guess that counts for letting go in some way, no? I used Butterick 5932 view B with some modifications, as I was limited by the dimensions of the blankies. I actually used one double-sided blanket, and another single-sided. Just a warning, the pictures are showing off all the wrinkles on the material, somebody might or might not have been sitting on the garment while composing this blog entry.

PicMonkey Collagepj
Heavily modified neck treatment, sure as hell I was not going to have a neck facing in my PJs!
PicMonkey Collagedetail
A little detail. Two rows of contrasting topstitching around the cuff and neckband, a little bias trim bow by each elbow, and the crown…
…is there to let people know the function that I have in this house. I needed to break up the plainness of the back, and a crown was better than a heart or something…

So here we are! I enjoyed this project, as I purposely did not do any fitting. It was easy, and it made me feel good that I can still hang on to that blanket, rather than give it away or throw it out. Maybe it’s my security blanket… Maybe I’m totally missing the point… And you know what’s funny? 95% of the time I sleep in the buff. Maybe I’m totally missing the point…