If you can’t eat ’em, wear ’em!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to Fabricland yesterday, came home with 3 meters of this. I just had to… Nuff said…

Self drafted. Yes, I can draft rectangles! I put in such large pockets that I could easily transport in them all the required ingredients for the pictured cupcakes.
So light!

I will share the rest of this deliciousness with my son. I’ll make him a shirt from what I have left, and then we’ll wear them together in public. It will be funny yummy!


Is there any hope for this fabric hog?

PicMonkey Collage

No, I don’t mean I am the hog. If that were the question, the answer would be NO, I am an utterly hopeless fabric hog. Earlier today, I found myself on Queen and Spadina, so I went in to L.A. Boutique Fabrics, where the white polka dot microfibre that I fondled so tenderly on February 23rd was still there… It was meant to be, so 3 yards of it made it’s way into my bag. On the way out, I noticed this fun black and white knit, and then I touched it… I negotiated with Dennis, who remembered the Toronto bloggers from that Saturday 10 days ago… And I left the store with almost 2 yards of that too (the rayon knit, not Dennis!) Both fabrics feel so delicious and luxurious, they drape so beautifully, and oh, I’m so speechless…  I hardly ever wear patterns, I’ve always been afraid of buying clothes which were not versatile. But now? I can do whatever I want!

What I really meant to ask is this: is there any hope for Butterick B5785, which is such a fabric hog that it’s truly mind-boggling? I was making view B (3/4 sleeve, shirt, not a tunic!), and the envelope called for 4 and a quarter yards! I had 4 meters, cut out most of the pieces, determined that I have enough for a sash if I modify it slightly, and then the adventure started. That was Sunday. Today, Tuesday, I have given up! I have to say it’s quite an idiotic pattern. The way those darts sit right by the stand-up collar, makes it extremely hard to work out the neckline at the back. I must have unpicked the stitches about 5 times. I had to fiddle around with the collar, which felt very restrictive and almost claustrophobic. I got it so stretched out that even staystitching on the neckline did not help keep it together. It was soooooooo frustrating. I played around with the placement of the darts, which helped a bit, but it was too late. Not even mentioning that the arm scythes looked totally whack, and I had so enough of it already! Look!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee, all that awful bulging around the neck? I am quite sure this kind of neckline would look nice on somebody with a slender, long neck, but that does not apply here… I was a bit sad, because I still liked that pattern. I think that it is pretty and feminine, and the rounded bottom pieces are so nice… But sometimes you have to know when to say when. Sewing is supposed to be fun, but when it becomes such a pain in the neck, time to turn a fresh leaf  to a different pattern and be grateful for a great learning experience (which it was), and for busting 4 meters from the stash! Yey me! And when I let go of the fixation on the neck/collar situation, it came to me that that pattern would look very nice in a knit! I am so excited to try it!

And now, I introduce THE IKEA FABRIC DARE. Catja from gjeometry admitted that she had fabric from Ikea that was untouched, so I issued her a dare to make something wearable out of it. She accepted. She challenged me back to make something from the same fabric, but a different pattern. Deadline is March 31st, the day before my birthday. Vicky, anothersewingscientist, also mentioned about having Ikea fabric, so Catja and I agree that Vicky should be included in the challenge. Vicky, do you read? Do you accept? Not putting you on the spot or anything… Anybody else wants in? You know you want to!

And lastly, here’s me in my January me-made cardi. Since I mostly whined about love of fabric and agonized about unfinished business, here’s something that is done, just like this post.


Hello World!


It finally happened, I started a blog. The purpose of it is to document my one-year-long retail clothing fast. Fortunately, I am a sewing enthusiast, so I will not be doomed to wearing old rags. Most of the “rags” you’ll see me in will be me-made. As a reasonably new mom (my son is 3.5 yrs old), I sew for him as much as I sew for myself, so few posts might be on his clothing too. My husband gets the short end of the sewing stick, as I only occasionally make him ONLY sweatpants, so far I made him 3 pairs! Finally, I do not sew for my kitties. But if I should change my mind, I think I should start with sweatpants.

In today’s world, it can be hard to feel good about your body. If your clothes do not fit properly, chances are you’ll feel even worse. As a 5 feet tall (152cm) woman, even when I was a rail thin 98 pounder my clothes did not fit me. As the years went by, and weight piled on, and came off, and on, and off (you get the idea), my clothes did not fit me. Now that I’m older, I know that my weight or height do not describe my worth as a human being. But my clothes still don’t fit me. It downed on me that I, like so many of us, do not fit the mold of RTW industry, and I gave up trying to fit. Rather than spending time and money altering RTW clothing, I can spend the time to make something uniquely me. I tend to treat sewing patterns as suggestions, sometimes with infuriating results. But always oh soooooooooooo educational!


Last Saturday, I crashed a Toronto sewing bloggers’ meet. Met a lot of super-nice and fun ladies. Got inspired. Shopped. Made plans for future sewing-related excursions. Swapped stuff.


Here’s the loot: 3 patterns (2 for kids, one purse), and 2 kinds of fabric. Black and white zigzag will be a shirt, and the brown cotton… Oh I don’t know what, but I so love the pattern and the texture. Have a closer look: brown

Pants? Skirt? Jacket?