Footwear Refash

Do you see that woman scratching her head and silently mouthing “what was I thinking?”. That is me. Like that time that I found those awesome wedges on sale, 60% off. They came in two colour schemes: black/navy/blue and black/brown/red. In a misguided attempt to add variety to the colours in my wardrobe (since most of my clothes are in the blue family), I decided to go with the black/brown/red colour combo. Just so NOTHING in my closet coordinates with the colours of the wedges. Makes sense, no?

IMG_1262In the last year I wore them twice. I am not the kind of person who will get rid of a perfectly good pair of shoes. I despise this consumer culture that most of us live in, I do not understand the whole phenomenon of disposable clothing (and footwear). Unfortunately, I do fall into the shoe trap once in a while. But anyhoo…

What’s a girl to do?

Snowy day + ugly coloured sneakers + 3 black sharpies = Footwear that has more potential

Obligatory cat shot, because cats make everything cooler…

Work in progress:

IMG_1264      IMG_1263

And finally:

IMG_1275      IMG_1276

I quite like these now, I am sure I’ll be wearing them more often, as soon as the snow melts…