Confused Scout…

You all know it, you’ve all made it. But I still can’t decide if it’s a “meh” or “ye” for me… Grainline Scout Tee.

IMG_2362Maybe it is that I did the Full Bust Adjustment? I used the brilliant method that brilliant Susan posted on her blog moonthirty. Like Susan, I thought that having a woven tee that has no bust darts was very appealing, but now I wonder if bust darts (or lack of thereof) are a big deal at all? I feel like I have tons and tons of fabric billowing in front of my stomach, because you cannot add all that volume to the top, without adding even more to the bottom…

IMG_2319Or maybe it’s the fabric, a bit too matronly? Yeah, but what do ya expect young lady (snort!) when you buy 4 yards of this polyester glory for $5 for the entire piece?

And what is that weird drag line going from the shoulder to the armpit? I actually dislike the whole sleeve situation, I do not like the cap sleeve (not that I don’t like THIS sleeve, it’s just that I do not like cap sleeves at all)…

As a matter of fact, I don’t like it so much that I decided to ruin 1.5 yards of beautiful, golden coloured silk on making a dress that I hacked from this pattern. What was I smoking, I wonder?

Oh well, we’ve all done that… Let’s forgive and forget, there, there, pat-pat…


Actually, this is my muslin, the only alterations that I’ve done to the original pattern was the aforementioned FBA and I made the shoulders narrower. OK, I changed my mind: for a wearable muslin I quite like it! I actually wore it a few times already. And I YEARN to tweak this pattern to the point that it will become THE perfect piece and a go-to pattern for me. Dream big, baby, dream big!


I love you Gertie! I have boobs!

Hello there, I’m back from a little vacation, freshly baked and tan-line enriched in spite of wearing SPF 60 THE WHOLE TIME. Yes, we were camping in THAT heatwave. We were camping in a tent. It was effin hot! But pretty!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese days I seem to be playing catch-up, with almost everything in my life. To keep with this tradition, let me fill you in on this major revelation that I had maybe 2 months ago. You see, I bought Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I will not be reviewing it, since everyone else has already reviewed it backwards and forwards. Let me just tell you that I loved it, sooooooo so much, in so many different ways! And the patterns! Gasp! Immediately I decided to start with the Portrait Blouse. Ugh. Why does it look so good on her, and so bad on me? Then I decided that it must have been the “sleeves”, they were just too sticky-outy on me. So I decided to cut the sleeve a bit shorter, with an intention of making a few copies of the blouse, eventually turning it into a tank. Also, I did not bother with the tucks on the front and back, since I wanted a bit more room in the waist. Version #1 turned out like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomething was off. Those folds just above my boobs? Yeeeeees, that’s it! But I did a nice job with the self-made bias binding around the sleeves and neckline.

Version #2 turned out like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore tank-y, and I took care of the folds by pinching out the excess fabric above my bust and making darts. It helped. This print struck  me as being very feminine, so I kicked it up a notch by adding a lace trim to the hem:

Isn’t it pretty? I love this print…

Version #3 went like this:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made it out of a beach cover-up that my mother-in-law brought me from Thailand or Bangladesh or something like that, gazillion years ago. I was quite convinced that I washed it before, after all there must have been a beach excursion that I wore it to? So I did not  pre-wash it. It turned out nice, same bias tape technique around neck and armholes. More of a tank. I wore it, I washed it. And…


It shrunk! So much! Awwwwwwwww…

So what’s my point here? Sure, pre-wash no matter what, bla, bla, bla… My point is that I need a full-bust adjustment! I had to put myself through the whole “reinventing the wheel” (aka pinching out the folds above my bust and making darts nonsense), just so I could be faced with a hard reality that I have boobs. Above average, whether I like it or not. There is no way around it, no use pretending that I’m a B cup. Now that I’ve settled and accepted this fact (as I mentioned before, this happened about 2 months ago), I pondered why it is that those who have them, try to ignore and deny them, or simply hate them. Those who don’t have so much of them covet the extra flesh, and often will pay big fat bucks to have the appearance of having bigger boobs. Human nature is truly boggling. It finally dawned on me that I needed to accept my body the way it is. If I want to sew fitting clothes, I need to sew for  my body the way it is, not the way I pretend it is… This realization of self-acceptance feels good: I am not angry at my body, just like I was angry when I realized I needed a swayback adjustment. I’m finding it amazing that I’m learning self-acceptance through sewing. Amazing!

Or maybe I should just suck it in, and look confident, like it was meant to be so tight?

Care to share what sewing taught you?

PS. Off I go back to portrait blouse pattern to do the FBA, just to discover that the bust apex is not marked on the pattern… Bleh!

Mother’s love is… flat felled seams.

Mother’s Day (here in Canada at least) came and went. I got treated to some lobster for dinner on Saturday, lovely roses, and Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Supposedly I collect dolls now, since Christmas I got 2 Barbies and 1 Ariel. I love them all dearly, but I think we should draw the line at 3. Oh, and I also got an awful cold, so I spent Mother’s Day gulping gallons of ginger tea and sweating truly ungodly sweat. Fortunately boys went to spend some time with my mother-in-law, so I was home alone with all this ungodly stinky sweat. There was no way I was going to sew for myself, as I would have stunk up whatever I was making by trying it on, so I’ve decided to make a shirt for my baby. The “baby” will be 4 years old in July, is a size of a 6-year old, outgrew all of his “fancy” and non-fancy clothes, so I thought I’d make him something nice for his picture day at school on Tuesday.

The front
The back

I used Simplicity 5581 pattern (yes, one of these days I will make matching shirts for both Dad and “baby”, I have 10 meters of totally crazy-ass fabric earmarked especially for that project), and I had 1 meter of this really cool, vintage tractor themed crafting cotton. As I wanted this shirt to be super special and very comfy for my offspring, I’ve decided to make all the seams flat felled. So I did. I really enjoyed taking the time to do this right and tidy, this shirt has the best looking guts of any of my me-mades! A small disaster almost occurred as I was making the last buttonhole, but fortunately I got it fixed.

Inside out. Not hanging straight here, so the hem seems uneven. In reality is it VERY even. I’ve never made such an even hem before…

The pattern was easy and straight forward, although the collar directions were a bit hairy. I also don’t quite understand why the facing is the shape it is (the part that should be tacked on to the shoulder seam does not reach anywhere near the shoulder), I will modify it next time I make it. I made this facing in white cotton, because the print would slightly show through on the other side and “muddy up” the whites. Some more sewing porn? Here you go!

My mostly straight stitches on the sleeve. Can you see how flat my felled seam is?
Armpit area detail, inside of the shirt. See, no seams, none at all. I’m so proud of myself!

Of course, I wanted my sweet baby to model the shirt for the blog. No way Jose… These are the best of the bunch:




And my personal favourite:


Next time, I will just post a video of the beast running around all over the place in some of his clothes. But tomorrow, he is wearing this shirt to school, to get his pictures taken. This one is on you buddy, mommy wins!