Look, I made something! And it happens to correspond with the Stashbusting theme for April, which is “Bright Colours”, or something like that. As you might have noticed, I LOVE brights, they make me feel alive! I know you can relate!

I see you looking at me, wondering “What is this fabulous pattern she’s wearing?” Wonder no more, Dear Reader, for I present you with a link to “Gillian Wrap Dress” by Muse Patterns. I don’t know why it is that the great Down-Under harbours such incredibly talented sewing community, both of sewists AND designers? Something in the water? Sharks maybe? Do sharks make people sew better? Hmmmmmmmmm…

What do I like about Muse Patterns designs? They are feminine, vintage-inspired, and very flattering, with huuuuuuge potential for fun, and fairly easy to put together. The models on the website are actual, normal-looking women, which is empowering! This particular top is my first draft of this pattern, and I am quite pleased how it came out. Even though I did not do a full-bust adjustment, it fits me fine in the chest area (I think), although in the next version I would like to move the gathers closer  towards the neckline. Another adjustment that I’d like to make is to shorten the bodice above the waistband, especially in the back.

IMG_2606 IMG_2608

See? And in regards to that waistband/tie thingy: It is a real wrap top, not a mock-wrap, and the band consist of two layers of fabric. In the front section you end up with FOUR layers of fabric in the band section, which is awesome, because it gives you a large amount of coverage of that area which often contains some dimples and rolls and such. At least on me it does… Let’s just say, I don’t feel self-conscious in this top! I also like how this wrap is longer on the sides than in the back, which optically enhances the back curve! Va-vavoom!

What don’t I like about this top? Well, let me just give you a piece of advice: when you go potty, get a hold of those ties in the back. Tuck them into the waistband or something. Ya catch my drift?


Now you’re asking “Why do you look so smug and self-satisfied all of a sudden?”. First of all, we painted the house, as you can see. I have plenty of neutral coloured walls to take pictures in front of for the blog. Second of all, we sold the said house! Thirdly, we bought another house, and we are moving from Toronto to a much smaller city, practically on the outskirts. The backyard of the new house backs onto a greenbelt, with amazing trees, full of animal life. I am bursting with excitement and optimism, looking forward to settling down and making tons of new friends! Maybe even some sewing friends?


Winter Purse

No denying it, fall is almost here! As I am still agonizing about making a winter coat (and currently I have fabric for at least 3 different coats and probably 7 patterns which I really like), I made a winter purse. So I can “warm up” to this whole winter sewing gradually, you know… I’ve wanted to make a purse for a while now, and finally I bit the bullet and purchased the purse making class on Craftsy. I have to admit, I did not think it would turn out so well, have a look!

Front. This twist-clasp is from Fabricland.

I got the grey plaid wool fabric that I used for the exterior from Debbie at the summer Toronto Bloggers meeting and swap, and the pink faux-suede (aka 100% polyester) was from my own stash. I did not settle on the choice of the fabric until I got most of the hardware, which pretty much dictated the rest of the design process of this purse. I visited Leather & Sewing Supply Depot, where I bought this awesome do-hicky:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Leather & Sewing S.D. has moved, dear Torontonians? They are now located at 204 Spadina, not far from where they were located before. They did have tons of all sort of purse hardware, but most of it was quite basic. I did manage to buy what I thought I wanted, but what totally blew my mind was the zippers. That store has THE BEST and coolest selection of zippers. But I digress… Here’s more pictures:

Fancy purse-feet and hard bottom!
Back view. Oh I tried so hard to match the pattern, which I mostly succeeded in doing, although it resulted in the pocket being off-centre. But you wouldn’t have noticed it, had I not pointed it out, right?
Bird’s eye view
All the guts and glory: zippered pocket, and a divided pocket on the other side, and a magnetic clasp closure

And you know what’s totally ironic? I splurged on the dress form, and instead of padding her up and sewing up a storm of awesomely fitted clothes, I’ve been sewing stuff that does not require a dress form at all… Alright form-lady, make yourself useful, model my purse for the nice readers!


Her shoulders are way too slopey, the purse would not stay on. Not likely I’ll wear it like this…

I really enjoyed the whole process. This is the very first purse I’ve made in my entire life, and I think I’m hooked.  Designing, assembling, and sewing a purse is a fairly complex process, requiring a level of concentration that I hardly am capable of.  But I pulled it off. Now please excuse me, I’m heading to Craftsy to buy me the Leather Purse class.  Or maybe I should clean this up?