I think I’m in Love…

Earlier today I made two garments, both are promising to be my spring/summer favourites. I feel that everybody involved in the process of making these should be thanked. So here we go:

1) Thank you McCaul, for putting out M6754. Terribly cute pattern, and I’ve been dying to make it since last summer. Also, it is a terribly silly pattern. Or it is great if you are a person who is comfortable with seeing your bellybutton through your front neckline, and your butt-crack through the back neckline. When I made the first version of View A the only thing that I liked about it was the placement of the bust darts. I liked them enough to go on with another muslin… Interestingly enough, both of the following versions have darts that go too high. Oh well, I think they make my bewbs look perkier, no?

2) Thank you to my sister-in-law. She wears horizontal stripes like no one else, she wears them all the time, big stripes, small stripes, and what-not stripes, and ALWAYS rocks them. You see, I am intimidated by horizontal stripes, and a lot of my stash involves stripes, because I love stripes. My SIL has a very similar physique to mine, she might be 1″taller than I, and is equally apple-shaped, so there is no reason why she should rock those stripes, but not I!? It’s all about attitude, yo! You wanna see what I made yet?



3) I also would like to thank The Stashbusting Sewalong 2014 group, who are such a swell bunch of gals! This month’s theme is COLOURS! I love all the colours, I sew all sorta koo-koo hues, but I got to thinking about sewing for work, or for when I cannot match a jacket to a dress, because all of the clothes that I make are so crazy colour-wise. So I’ve decided to make me a dress out of the plainest piece of knit that I had: medium weight, grey t-shirt fabric, 100% cotton with not a lot of stretch. I thought of it as a plain canvas, on which one might hang a crazy jacket or a sick belt. When I put it on after I attached the skirt to the bodice, I gasped. It was the most understated but also elegant piece of clothing that I made. The way the skirt hung, how the fabric skimmed my body without clinging to my rolls… Love at first sight!



And just to prove a point about it being a canvas on which one might hang things, I tied a piece of random cord around my waist, to mimic a sick belt, of course:


See how pretty? Point proven…

4) Thank you wind, for blowing some nice weather this way, perfect for taking pictures:



That’s not how you do Espresso!

Hello again! Long time no see, fret not Dear Reader I have NOT fallen off my “no-buy clothes” wagon. I merely dropped my camera, which broke miserably. I focused my efforts on researching and buying a new one, and a tripod, and a remote shutter control. Also I continued to be fixated on sewing indie patterns. I zoomed my attention on Espresso leggings, by Cake. Cake is a brand that has tons of fans, but I could not bring myself to purchasing any of their patterns for dresses, skirts, or blouses, even though they are flirty and fun. I don’t know what’s wrong with me… After reading many enthusiastic reviews from various bloggers about the genius that the Espresso is, I downloaded my pattern, and all sort of craziness started… You see, this is not really a pattern, you draft your own pattern on this special grid, using instructions and your own measurements, so you’re supposed to end up with a pair of leggings designed to fit your unique body.

EFFORT #1 (let’s call it a muslin…)

IMG_0090The fabric was destined to be a maxi dress back in the day when I was learning to sew. I was planning to make the dress during a 6 week “Working with Knits” course at a  local sewing studio. Sadly, that course was the worst way to spend about $300, the course was so bad that it almost killed my will to sew.  Anyhoo, 2 years later I pulled out whatever remained out of that sad pile of ruined fabric, and made the first draft of the Espresso leggings. Please restrain your laughter…

PicMonkey Collage1Ridiculously, this is my favourite pair of Espressos I’ve made so far! I love how the print enhances my, ehem, curves, and how it sort of mimics the look of muscle fibres. I feel very strong in those pants (and a little like a Cirque du Soleil performer), although I know that they are faaaaaaaaaaaar from being flattering. Meh, move on to next versions!

EFFORT #2 and 3

The boring basics, one slim ankle, the other one with a bit of a flare. I just wanted a bit of a variation in the look, something I could wear over a short boot in the winter. Soooooooooooooo boooooooriiiiiiing!

PicMonkey Collage2EFFORT #4

By now, I should know that one should not do a knit pattern in woven fabric without accounting for the lack of stretch. Not even if the knit has some stretch in it. Or go ahead and do it, but just don’t expect to be able to sit down or move in it or something… Because one might have to do something crazy like cut open the sides and insert strips of a heavy knit, so one can actually move.

PicMonkey Collage3Yes, it is the same fabric that I made Laurel dress out of. I think that I might have still left over for ANOTHER pair of pants!!!


Last but not least, but definitely the worst:


Blue-green stretch velour. Why? I don’t know why, I had it in my stash, I did not know if I ever make anything out of it, and it seemed appropriate. Somehow, these are the worst fit, loose behind knees, loose around the ankles, I don’t know why:

PicMonkey Collage4

So there, now you know how not to make Espressos! But I have to admit, I wear them all a lot! I even wear the Version 4 and 3 (with the flared ankle) as pants (GASP), even though I generally don’t regard leggings as pants. And even though it might seem like I made 5 versions  all of which were failures for various reasons, I felt like it was a fun exercise in sewing. Perfect for those times that you can’t commit to sewing a more involved project, and need a quick make just for a  pick-me up.

So did you like my pictures taken with the new camera? Do you like my “art staircase”, courtesy of my monkey? Till next time!