Love me some Ikea!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot so long ago, I discovered that Ikea sells fabric. Made it home that afternoon with about 10 meters, all intended for clothing. Nothing over $4/meter. One fabric that I was extremely excited about was this lovely chocolate-brown and blue paisley 100% cotton velvet. Oh so soft… That was about 50% of my purchase, since I wanted to sew EVERYTHING out of it! I thought a good item to start with would be a skirt, since I never wear skirts, and I really want to start. I wonder if there’s a reason┬áthat I forgot about why I don’t wear skirts? Oh well, we’re about to find out… I used Simplicity 5259, view F. To accommodate my “unique” dimensions, I had to add to the waist measurement, and then downgrade the hips from size 22 to 20. I also did not stick to 5/8″ hem allowance, since I find it so wasteful having to cut off all those enormous seams. I usually do quarter inch hems. I thought I did my math right, tried it on about a zillion times while sewing, but somehow the skirt came out about 2 inches too large in the waist. I can slip it off without undoing the zipper. Other than that, I love the way it turned out!


I had a little outing today, to which I wore the skirt. Amazingly, it did not slip right off onto the ground. The little slit in the front did not rip, even when I was jumping over snowbanks, huge slush puddles, and getting into vehicles that are so tall that they really should have ladders to get into. But I will take the waist in. Maybe I will leave myself a little room, just in case, but 2 inches is too much!

What’s that, you like my shirt? Thanks, I made it in January. The scarf in November.