Back to school and other news

Hello, after a loooooooooong silence… Another successful summer (3 camping trips, yo!) is over, and I have to admit it is nice to be back to the old routine… Well, kinda, details to come, so keep reading!

My head has been filled with great ideas and kinds of things I must get done once the child goes back to school: clean the kitchen PROPERLY, sew, sew, sew, go to see the Christian Louboutin exhibit at DX, workout, see the Mesopotamia exhibit at ROM,  and sew. When the child left the house Tuesday morning, I found myself collapsed on the couch in a pool of my own drool, with nothing but the sound of static going through my head. And then it became 1 PM. Finally, I motivated myself to do something, and I played video games for next 3 hours.  And then the child came home. Today was better, keep reading!

The reason why I needed to decompress so much, other than the obvious, is that I no longer have all that free time I used to have. In addition to my usual, and not very much energy consuming business, I got myself a part-time job. Where, you ask? A fabric store, obviously! Like a moth to a flame, like an alcoholic to distillery, you get the idea. There are lots of good and not so good things about that job (but I guess it’s true with any job out there), and the worst/best thing about it is, you guessed it, fabric proximity! On my second week of the job I got myself a little gift from the very store I work in:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdjustable dress (and pant) form, with the back length measurement short enough for me (a freakish 14″, all other “adult” forms start at 15″…) I will have to build her up quite a bit here and there (hence the bra), and I guess I am a bit afraid of that process, since I’m stalling as much as I can… But to be honest, I have been suffering from a major sewing block (sewing constipation, if you will), and finally today I tackled a small project to remedy that situation. Enter Burda 9860.


I figured it was going to be quick and useful, and here’s what I ended up with:


The red whatever on top of the hood was my addition, not a part of the pattern. Other than that, I figured that this hoodie will be too large for my monkey, even though he generally wears clothes for 6 year olds (the smallest size in the envelope is for a 7 y.o.). The sewing process was fast, instructions easy to understand and follow. What I did not like about this pattern is the looooooooooooooong sleeves and rather short torso, and the method of zipper insertion. Oh well, I will make another version of this for sure, with necessary modifications, since a four year-old can NEVER have enough hoodies! Here is the garment in action:




My son did not let me shorten and hem the sleeves. He really enjoyed running around and waiving them all over the place, swatting them at tall grasses, swings, and benches, yelling “weapons, weapons!”. O-kaaaaaaaaaaaay…….. said the confused mother…

It is possible I will blog about my summer sewing failures (there were 2), and almost successes (2 as well), and one very lovely dress. But I will not say when, I don’t want to lie to you, dear reader! In any case, it’s good to be back…