…all my children


Here they are. All eleven. Three days in the making. So they can be given away to kids as party favours at my son’s school. He is going to be four tomorrow and the kids are celebrating today. Why? Because when I made them last year  some parents told me that their kid will only sleep with their sock buddy. Even though as I was making the eleventh one I felt like “just shoot me please”, I enjoyed the whole process. I especially liked putting on their faces, each of them have a different look. Even the ones that turned out looking like cats, still have very distinct mugs.

Here are the cats.

I was joking last year that each sock talked to me and told me what animal it wanted to be. And there was some truth to that. This year, all the socks were screaming “I’m a cat, make me a cat!” I guess I must be missing my  dearly departed BooBoo, maybe  that’s my way of immortalizing his lovely catness…

But there are also other animals, some of them even inspired by real creatures:

PicMonkey Collage
Clockwise from top left: Teary-Eyed Missy, Frank the Lounge Lizard, Fun Mau5, and Jack the Cool Cat.

Here’s more pictures:

IMG_0161 IMG_0160 IMG_0159

All packed up and ready to go.

IMG_0173Go now, make somebody happy!

Bye Bye BooBoo

I am not sure how long one should mourn a cat. For 16 years His Furry Obnoxious Hilariousness was living with me, until he got sick, developed seizures (have you ever seen a flying cat?), and died. In my sewing room. On top of a bunch of paper patterns that I was altering (I am determined to get this whole FBA thing figured out!). You were a sweet kitty and gave me a lot of stories to tell. Like the one when my husband, barely my boyfriend then, and I were having a discussion about him possibly moving away to another city. He left the room, as I was still in there, crying, because I did not want to be so far away from my man. My young lion of a cat stood in the doorway of the room, hissing at the boyfriend, not letting him  get back in. It seems the cat understood the gravity of a broken heart, and wanted to protect me from it. That’s my one and only BooBoo. Sleep well…IMG_0128