Bye Bye BooBoo

I am not sure how long one should mourn a cat. For 16 years His Furry Obnoxious Hilariousness was living with me, until he got sick, developed seizures (have you ever seen a flying cat?), and died. In my sewing room. On top of a bunch of paper patterns that I was altering (I am determined to get this whole FBA thing figured out!). You were a sweet kitty and gave me a lot of stories to tell. Like the one when my husband, barely my boyfriend then, and I were having a discussion about him possibly moving away to another city. He left the room, as I was still in there, crying, because I did not want to be so far away from my man. My young lion of a cat stood in the doorway of the room, hissing at the boyfriend, not letting him ¬†get back in. It seems the cat understood the gravity of a broken heart, and wanted to protect me from it. That’s my one and only BooBoo. Sleep well…IMG_0128