August Roundup!

Hi Peeps!

I need to say it again, I LOVE my Stashbusting Sewalong 2015 gang! They are so inspiring, encouraging, and generous,  always willing to share a tip or a piece of advice. I am in awe of all the boundary pushing action that was happening all August long. I can’t even begin to pretend that I have a plan for this roundup post, so why won’t I just vomit it out? Ready?

  1.  Here, lovely Jewel of Jewberly Emiris is sending her fear of matching patterns straight to hell. Bye-bye!


2.   “Perfect is good. Done is better” is a new mantra that I should adopt (and shouldn’t we all?), courtesy of Alla of    Rainbows. Bunnies. Cupcakes. She tackled her fear of free motion quilting, and won big time! Great job!


3.   Next, Andrea of Obsessive Creativeness, the lingerie guru! Considering that a swimsuit is pretty much lingerie you can    wear outside (no?), I was very surprised that it was Andrea’s fear. I was not surprised to see the awesomeness she came up with!


4.   Not all of us faced exclusively their sewing fears. Melissa of Mahlicadesigns, who described herself as an introvert, reached out to the sewing community and hosted a sew-along! If you hurry, you can still participate, the sew-along goes until September 6! BTW, I absolutely ADORE that skirt!!!


5.   Now, would you look at Allie J. dropkick her fear of knits into total oblivion?! Wow! So cute, so fearless, so Cocolicious! Seriously, go look at her dress, because I don’t seem to be able to post her picture here!

6.   And check out the new mom Becky of Sew and So, totally winging an awesome flamingo (see what I did there?) skirt, without a pattern. Bravo!
Self-drafted wrap skirt

7.   And there is our Fadanista, Sue! Not only does she machine knit her own fabric, but she also claims that she is afraid to sew it! And speaking of making her own fabric, check out her shenanigans here as well!


So, what else have we not tackled? Winter coats? Slippery or sheer fabrics? Shirring? Lots more on the FB page, however I only included those with blogs in this post, and I am sorry for that…

And what have I done, you ask? I took this theme quite seriously and broadly, and I figured out that I am most afraid of not allowing myself to be me, in mind and body. So what did I do to face this fear? I grew my body hair!  Would you like a visual of that? No? OK…

I must have been 13 or 14 years old when I declared war on my body hair, most of the time referring to it as: Ewwwwww, must get rid of it quick! But how can you really, truly like yourself if you despise such a basic aspect of your physical persona as your body hair? And who came up with the idea that women should shave, or remove by other means, hair from close to 50% of their body surface? And why should I participate in all that? Definitely not my idea of a good time. Now, I quite like the feeling of long hairs on my legs, they are so soft when they get longer. In the midst of all that, I made two easy dresses, one of them a maxi (for when I don’t feel like being looked at as a freak). And why have I not posted pictures? Because the dresses still require shirring, and I’m not up to tackling THAT!

What are you afraid of?

At the beginning of the year (or was it the end of last year?) I committed myself to hosting the August “challenge” for the Stashbusters. Little did I know about the madness that was going to unfold in the months ahead! The said madness, as mad as it was, has been amazingly positive, my family and I have made a jump into an entirely different orbit, a much higher orbit! After 2 months of prep we sold our house in the city, bought a house in a much, much smaller city, then did massive amounts of renovations (ongoing), and generally we’ve been happy as a family of pigs in the mud! And we adopted a dog as well, he’s been with us for five days now!

Enough excuses, go to work!

This is Laddie Doris.

This month’s theme is “Face Your Fears!”

Originally I was planning to sew a Burda Magazine pattern out of some chiffon fabric. I swear, both BM and chiffon make me hyperventilate and dry heave at the same time! During the madness of last 6 months, I discovered the following:

  1. I have no interest in sewing Burda stuff. I also have not discovered where I packed those mags, and it still will be SEVERAL months until I rediscover them (how convenient!)
  2. I have no interest in sewing with chiffon. I have acquired a MAJOR dislike for polyester, and also a dislike for silk, mostly for ethical reasons. Currently, I don’t want to touch silk with 10-foot pole…
  3. I have discovered that I  am TERRIFIED of sewing! I have fallen out of practice, and sewing is NOT like riding a bike! I tried to make a dress, and I messed up the neck binding so badly that it’s not wearable (or is it?)
  4. My another fear is wearing white. I have always had a dislike for colour white, an probably because black is supposed to be slimming, so white is supposed to be… fattening? So why won’t I just not wear white, you ask? Well, that is a topic for another post, stay tuned! BTW, this also has to do with point #2.
  5. Last but not least, I fear going shopping for clothes at a mall! I am quickly running out of clothes, my me-mades are really worn down, not mentioning that it’s been a while (3 years?) since I actually purchased clothes, other than the unmentionables and a few t-shirts, which are mostly white (LOL!!!)! If I don’t make something quick, you get the picture…

So, there is only one solution to my problems: SEW, SEW, SEW, SEW LIKE MAD!!!

My backyard, where I won’t be spending a lot of time. I’ll be busy sewing…

And how about you, dear reader? A few follow Stashbusters chimed in with welt pockets and fitted dresses, but how about YOU? Is it a technical thing, a certain type or brand of patterns, a fabric, a colour, a silhouette? Do post your comments, and let’s have a link party! And get out there, out of your comfort zone, face those fears, and round kick them in the face and show them who’s the boss! DO IT!!!

Nothing to see here!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just wanted to give you a quick shout-out, with an update on things I’m doing. Also, be warned that some navel-gazing will be following…

But first, I’ll explain the name of my blog (BTW, Happy Second Blogversary to me!). What does Fit Not To Fit mean? I came up with this name because it worked for me on several levels:

  1. When I realized that RTW styles and sizing did not fit me, I decided to embrace who and what I was physically, the way I was, and stopped trying to conform to somebody else’s standard of what my shape should be. I stopped buying, and started making! It took me a long time to muster up enough courage to do that, but eventually I became FIT not to fit in somebody else’s mold.
  2. From clothing, it had a carry-over effect to other areas of my life, and slowly I started opening my eyes to this awful, consumeristic culture that we are surrounded by. Its effects harm our humanity and the environment, and we all must become more informed about the stakes that are at play here. Chucking a shirt just because you lost a button is not the right thing to do, as much as buying a child-produced knock-off designer purse will not make you feel any better about yourself if you are miserable about everything else in your life. And just because I blog about sewing clothes, it does not mean that I like clothes, especially those that were produced by people who could never afford to buy that $5 t-shirt, that you own 20 of.
  3.  Not sure if I mentioned that before, but I am a fitness professional. I am a kinesiologist, and for years I worked as a personal trainer. Vast majority of Earthlings would never even guess that I know anything about physical training, since the mental image that the name “personal trainer” conjures is something very different from my “look”. Physical fitness is very important, and I firmly believe that anybody is entitled to be fit, whatever their version of fitness involves. I am fit, but I do not fit the general notion of a fit individual, and definitely not the one of fitness professional. And I’m OK with that.

So, if you are still reading, you wonder why I’m writing all that? Because I like to connect on a personal level, because writing about sewing and nothing else can get a bit boring sometimes… And because I am looking for my voice. The past six months drastically changed my outlook on life, and some of that was caused by truly inspiring and giving people. I would like to keep that going. I would like to encourage and inspire other women to become comfortable with who they are, not who they think they should be. Granted, I am not quite there myself, but I know that my truth is mine, and I will no longer accept somebody else’s version of what my truth should be.

(Oh look, lint!)

What’s next, you ask? It is exciting! My husband and I decided to stop trying to bend to this “city professional” mold (which stopped being fun 5 yrs ago), and decided to sell the house and move to a town where his mom and brother live. It will be great living closer to family, somewhere where we have enough backyard space to grow some food, and maybe even keep chickens. And a dog! But in the meantime, we are prepping the house for the market, and we’ve been painting for the last three weekends. I also had to liquidate my sewing room, so most of my pretties are put away in the storage. I feel like a dog without the bone, but I trust it will all be worth it in the end! The good news is, I have several freshly painted, beautiful walls that are suitable for taking blog pictures. And even better news, spring is almost here!

If you are still reading, I should mention that I don’t know where this blog is going to go… It will still include sewing, but it also might become more personal and maybe a little weird. And who knows with all this moving business…

Are you STILL reading? In that case, I wanted to thank you for reading, my friend! Hope to see you soon!

Footwear Refash

Do you see that woman scratching her head and silently mouthing “what was I thinking?”. That is me. Like that time that I found those awesome wedges on sale, 60% off. They came in two colour schemes: black/navy/blue and black/brown/red. In a misguided attempt to add variety to the colours in my wardrobe (since most of my clothes are in the blue family), I decided to go with the black/brown/red colour combo. Just so NOTHING in my closet coordinates with the colours of the wedges. Makes sense, no?

IMG_1262In the last year I wore them twice. I am not the kind of person who will get rid of a perfectly good pair of shoes. I despise this consumer culture that most of us live in, I do not understand the whole phenomenon of disposable clothing (and footwear). Unfortunately, I do fall into the shoe trap once in a while. But anyhoo…

What’s a girl to do?

Snowy day + ugly coloured sneakers + 3 black sharpies = Footwear that has more potential

Obligatory cat shot, because cats make everything cooler…

Work in progress:

IMG_1264      IMG_1263

And finally:

IMG_1275      IMG_1276

I quite like these now, I am sure I’ll be wearing them more often, as soon as the snow melts…

The Plan

Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge Button 2015.pngHi All!

Lately, I’ve been having a strong desire to keep things more organized in my life. This also applies to the blog and the sewing plan, for the first time ever. I mean, look what I did to my stash:


383.5 yards (THREE HUNDRED, EIGHTY-THREE AND A HALF YARDS), all organized by the kind and weight, and duly noted in an actual spreadsheet! My UFO area is still a danger zone, but that will change soon. As one might expect, I am again participating in the Stashbusting Challenge, and this time in a bigger capacity: I will be hosting August! The theme for that month is “Face Your Biggest Fears”, and I will be tackling some neon-green chiffon, and a Burda magazine pattern. I cannot vouch for the success of that operation…

But without further ado, here’s my pledge for 2015:

I, Jagoda of, am pledging to use at least 5 yards of my stashed fabric per month. Furthermore, I will tackle at least one UFO per month.  

That’s it, nothing unattainable, which should be easy, right?

And here’s my list of TO DOs:

  1. Mabel skirt
  2. Trifecta top
  3. Participate in Mad Men Challenge, if lovely Julia Bobbin hosts it again
  4. Watson bra
  5. Make a coat
  6. Dye some silk and make slips
  7. Make a bag, at least one of them leather (there will be a Stashbusting sew-along later in the year, hosted by Sue of, walking us through sewing of one of her awesome Japanese bags)
  8. Make slipcovers for my couch and chairs (ouch…)

So that is that! Do you want to participate in the Stashbusting Challenge this year? Head over to Emily’s for all the deets!

My stash and I will see you soon!



Happy New Year!


Hi there,

I just wanted to pop in really quick and wish you all the best in 2015!!!  2014 brought me a lot of sadness with a light sprinkling of happiness which blossomed into a serious attitude adjustment. I feel like I’ve been evolving, making peace with things that I cannot change, and using that as a springboard towards things that I want for myself. For a long time I felt like making New Year resolutions was pointless, as I would hardly ever accomplish them. This year though, I will be making many, with crazy abandon, because even if I accomplish only one resolution, at the end of 2015 I will be in a better situation than I was at the end of 2014. Drumroll, please!

1. Continue sewing and stash busting (doh!)

2. Learn to play harmonica!

3. Participate in Popsugar Reading Challenge. I love to read, and I read a lot, but this time I want to get a bit more focused in my choices. Less Facebook, more book.

4. Another crazy challenge: Sketch-a-Day. At one point in my life visual arts were a huge part of it, and now I would like to rekindle this passion. Who knows what comes out of it?

5. Stick to blogging, and be more regular about it. Writing brings me great joy, and I want to do whatever brings me joy. And so…

6. Do whatever brings me joy. Don’t do stuff that make me miserable. Simple enough in theory!

Now, sewing talk. See the sparkly number above? I though it would be appropriate to share this, as New Year Eve is one of those nights that you cannot NOT wear sparklies… It started out about year and a half ago, as a dress which was based on my favourite T-shirt, with sheer, bell-shaped sleeves. Somehow I ended up with a hugely low neckline (I suspect the weight of the fabric might have something to do with it). I tried to salvage the situation by adding this stupid ruffly thing all around the neckline, but there was no use… The dress served as my Hottie cover-up (Hottie is my dress form. I named her Hottie, because I stuffed her boobs to correspond to my size, but I did not stuff her stomach, which resulted in ridiculously hot figure for said dress form).

PicMonkey Collage

See the white peeking through from underneath the neckline? That’s Hottie’s bra… There was no way I would go anywhere in such a dress… In a flash of inspiration, I hacked off the sleeves, hacked off the stupid frill, took off about 1.5″ off the shoulder seams (in the front, and in the back), yadda, yadda, yadda, all finished an hour later! Year and I half in the making, hurray!!!



I hope you dance like no one/everyone is watching. Let 2015 be the year of fun and hope, and new, crazy challenges! Will you be making any resolutions?


PS. More resolutions: get my driver’s licence, do a Tough Mudder, get more active with my kid, lose some weight, sew up a slipcover for my couch, put more effort into making new friends and “maintaining” old ones, meditate/gaze inwards daily… I’m sure more resolutions will be coming up along the way…