What are you afraid of?

At the beginning of the year (or was it the end of last year?) I committed myself to hosting the August “challenge” for the Stashbusters. Little did I know about the madness that was going to unfold in the months ahead! The said madness, as mad as it was, has been amazingly positive, my family and I have made a jump into an entirely different orbit, a much higher orbit! After 2 months of prep we sold our house in the city, bought a house in a much, much smaller city, then did massive amounts of renovations (ongoing), and generally we’ve been happy as a family of pigs in the mud! And we adopted a dog as well, he’s been with us for five days now!

Enough excuses, go to work!

This is Laddie Doris.

This month’s theme is “Face Your Fears!”

Originally I was planning to sew a Burda Magazine pattern out of some chiffon fabric. I swear, both BM and chiffon make me hyperventilate and dry heave at the same time! During the madness of last 6 months, I discovered the following:

  1. I have no interest in sewing Burda stuff. I also have not discovered where I packed those mags, and it still will be SEVERAL months until I rediscover them (how convenient!)
  2. I have no interest in sewing with chiffon. I have acquired a MAJOR dislike for polyester, and also a dislike for silk, mostly for ethical reasons. Currently, I don’t want to touch silk with 10-foot pole…
  3. I have discovered that I  am TERRIFIED of sewing! I have fallen out of practice, and sewing is NOT like riding a bike! I tried to make a dress, and I messed up the neck binding so badly that it’s not wearable (or is it?)
  4. My another fear is wearing white. I have always had a dislike for colour white, an probably because black is supposed to be slimming, so white is supposed to be… fattening? So why won’t I just not wear white, you ask? Well, that is a topic for another post, stay tuned! BTW, this also has to do with point #2.
  5. Last but not least, I fear going shopping for clothes at a mall! I am quickly running out of clothes, my me-mades are really worn down, not mentioning that it’s been a while (3 years?) since I actually purchased clothes, other than the unmentionables and a few t-shirts, which are mostly white (LOL!!!)! If I don’t make something quick, you get the picture…

So, there is only one solution to my problems: SEW, SEW, SEW, SEW LIKE MAD!!!

My backyard, where I won’t be spending a lot of time. I’ll be busy sewing…

And how about you, dear reader? A few follow Stashbusters chimed in with welt pockets and fitted dresses, but how about YOU? Is it a technical thing, a certain type or brand of patterns, a fabric, a colour, a silhouette? Do post your comments, and let’s have a link party! And get out there, out of your comfort zone, face those fears, and round kick them in the face and show them who’s the boss! DO IT!!!


20 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

  1. The last few things I have managed to sew have been a repeat top (Simplicity 1620) and a couple of pairs of draw string shorts to accommodate my expanding girth. I hate both pairs of shorts because I used really crappy and cheap fabric, so that serves me right. I also avoid polyester when possible. I much prefer any natural fiber, especially linen and cotton (although the occasional bit of spandex in one’s cotton isn’t always a bad thing).

    The only other project is curtains for the nursery. I cut out the fabric, and the blackout lining, assembled and YUCK!!!! I despise pretty much everything about them, so I ripped out the lining and will just make the curtains and install a roller blind. Sooner or later I will finish the other top I have cut out which needs more fabric because I didn’t buy enough and so I’m missing a lining piece. sigh.

  2. My fear is chiffon-y (or maybe it’s georgette?) fabric. I have some in stash, because I liked the colors. What to do with it? I have no clue. How to handle it? My a frib kicks in at the very thought. After some searching I did find spray starch at our local megamart. I hear that helps tame the beast. Planning to dive in next week….

    • Agh, same “fear” here, Nancy! I even bought a Craftsy class about sewing sheer fabrics, in hopes of de-mystifying those fabrics… Haven’t started watching! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Stop fearing silk…it has no brains. Take the sewing machine outside and enjoy
    I bet u r busy making curtains and the like.
    Still waiting for photos of the kitchen
    Happy for laddie Doris…a home is a home when there is a sweet doggie.

    • I am not afraid of silk, I can’t help but hear all those screams of poor silk caterpillars being boiled alive in the process of obtaining the silk thread. SERIOUSLY! Still no curtains, LOL! But kitchen is almost ready, we have new windows too! Pics soon!

  4. A winter coat. Some Vogue patterns are still lying in the cupboard. A very expensive tweed for a Chanel jacket. Very sheer black and white fabric for a blouse. In general my stash speaks for it self: all kind of projects never happening.

  5. Burda! You made me laugh. I have 3 years of it and have sewn one thing from it. I love how quirky Burda is but I am not going to sew anything from that magazine, ever. I have no patience for tracing off them anymore. I hate shopping RTW because I end up blaming my body and not the clothes. RTW feels like having aliens in my closet. I have outsized my wardrobe so I am sewing like crazy. Give those new Jalie Eleanor jeans a try! I just made them and they are so comfy. I overcame my fear of topstitching! I am so glad you love your new house!

  6. I already commented in the Facebook group, but I think I’m going to stick with my original answer– fabric! It’s not so much that I fear sewing with certain types or fiber contents, other than wool since I’m allergic, but I do fear not being able to come up with uses for a significant chunk of my stash. And yet, I don’t want to throw it out because I’m cheap and would feel like I wasted the money! Especially things I ordered online that ended up not quite being what I thought.

    • Hi Becky, thanks for your comment! I struggle with this issue too. The experience of packing all my stash and not seeing it for 6 months was very stressful for me, and I did a lot of soul-searching to get the answer why I was feeling this way. I want to write about it at some point!

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