Nothing to see here!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just wanted to give you a quick shout-out, with an update on things I’m doing. Also, be warned that some navel-gazing will be following…

But first, I’ll explain the name of my blog (BTW, Happy Second Blogversary to me!). What does Fit Not To Fit mean? I came up with this name because it worked for me on several levels:

  1. When I realized that RTW styles and sizing did not fit me, I decided to embrace who and what I was physically, the way I was, and stopped trying to conform to somebody else’s standard of what my shape should be. I stopped buying, and started making! It took me a long time to muster up enough courage to do that, but eventually I became FIT not to fit in somebody else’s mold.
  2. From clothing, it had a carry-over effect to other areas of my life, and slowly I started opening my eyes to this awful, consumeristic culture that we are surrounded by. Its effects harm our humanity and the environment, and we all must become more informed about the stakes that are at play here. Chucking a shirt just because you lost a button is not the right thing to do, as much as buying a child-produced knock-off designer purse will not make you feel any better about yourself if you are miserable about everything else in your life. And just because I blog about sewing clothes, it does not mean that I like clothes, especially those that were produced by people who could never afford to buy that $5 t-shirt, that you own 20 of.
  3.  Not sure if I mentioned that before, but I am a fitness professional. I am a kinesiologist, and for years I worked as a personal trainer. Vast majority of Earthlings would never even guess that I know anything about physical training, since the mental image that the name “personal trainer” conjures is something very different from my “look”. Physical fitness is very important, and I firmly believe that anybody is entitled to be fit, whatever their version of fitness involves. I am fit, but I do not fit the general notion of a fit individual, and definitely not the one of fitness professional. And I’m OK with that.

So, if you are still reading, you wonder why I’m writing all that? Because I like to connect on a personal level, because writing about sewing and nothing else can get a bit boring sometimes… And because I am looking for my voice. The past six months drastically changed my outlook on life, and some of that was caused by truly inspiring and giving people. I would like to keep that going. I would like to encourage and inspire other women to become comfortable with who they are, not who they think they should be. Granted, I am not quite there myself, but I know that my truth is mine, and I will no longer accept somebody else’s version of what my truth should be.

(Oh look, lint!)

What’s next, you ask? It is exciting! My husband and I decided to stop trying to bend to this “city professional” mold (which stopped being fun 5 yrs ago), and decided to sell the house and move to a town where his mom and brother live. It will be great living closer to family, somewhere where we have enough backyard space to grow some food, and maybe even keep chickens. And a dog! But in the meantime, we are prepping the house for the market, and we’ve been painting for the last three weekends. I also had to liquidate my sewing room, so most of my pretties are put away in the storage. I feel like a dog without the bone, but I trust it will all be worth it in the end! The good news is, I have several freshly painted, beautiful walls that are suitable for taking blog pictures. And even better news, spring is almost here!

If you are still reading, I should mention that I don’t know where this blog is going to go… It will still include sewing, but it also might become more personal and maybe a little weird. And who knows with all this moving business…

Are you STILL reading? In that case, I wanted to thank you for reading, my friend! Hope to see you soon!


9 thoughts on “Nothing to see here!

  1. Jagoda you are a breath of fresh air! I am delighted that you share your life perspectives and observations with us. In this vapid world we live in, filled with yummy mummies sipping grande Starbucks it is wonderful to experience someone who seeks more in life. You embrace life fully and in its simplicity
    you find pleasure.
    I cheer you and Tim on as you make your life changes. You go girl!!!!!

  2. Hi Jagoda, thanks for explaining the meaning of your blog title, which was much deeper than I had at first thought. And I second the idea that we shouldn’t all have to fit into moulds which are unsuited to us, we should try to find our own voice. Thanks for putting it all down, in a very concise way. I hope it inspires lots of others to follow your lead. Good luck with your move. Hope it brings you all the happiness you deserve. Best wishes, Trish

  3. Hi Jagoda! Thanks for your openness, as always. Whatever you choose to write about, I’ll most likely be reading. Good luck with your next steps, and here’s to making your own way, whatever it may be.

  4. I think the internet has desensitized me to “weird,” so BRING IT ON!! I’ll still be here appreciating your humor and sass regardless of what you blog about. I always look forward to your posts, Jagoda, and I can’t wait to read about your chicken-raising-extravaganza.

    • Angela, I realized that when you have chickens, you can’t go for vacations… Unless you take them with, and tether them to a tree or something, while you camp… That WOULD be a little weird, LOL!

  5. I appreciate your willingness to share the real stuff. Sorry you haven’t updated your blog in awhile (I was checking in because of the Stashbuster Sew-Along for August), but I totally understand that life gets in the way. And suddenly changes directions. And throws all sorts of wackadoo stuff at us all.

    So, blessings on the journey, whatever that looks like.

    • Thank you Alla! The road has been bumpy, but I am so happy here! Now that I have a desk, an hooked-up computer, and mostly functional house, I intend to keep blogging. Writing brings me a lot of joy, and I love connecting with the readers, whoever they might be! I’d love to be more consistent… Thank you for reading!

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