Confused Scout…

You all know it, you’ve all made it. But I still can’t decide if it’s a “meh” or “ye” for me… Grainline Scout Tee.

IMG_2362Maybe it is that I did the Full Bust Adjustment? I used the brilliant method that brilliant Susan posted on her blog moonthirty. Like Susan, I thought that having a woven tee that has no bust darts was very appealing, but now I wonder if bust darts (or lack of thereof) are a big deal at all? I feel like I have tons and tons of fabric billowing in front of my stomach, because you cannot add all that volume to the top, without adding even more to the bottom…

IMG_2319Or maybe it’s the fabric, a bit too matronly? Yeah, but what do ya expect young lady (snort!) when you buy 4 yards of this polyester glory for $5 for the entire piece?

And what is that weird drag line going from the shoulder to the armpit? I actually dislike the whole sleeve situation, I do not like the cap sleeve (not that I don’t like THIS sleeve, it’s just that I do not like cap sleeves at all)…

As a matter of fact, I don’t like it so much that I decided to ruin 1.5 yards of beautiful, golden coloured silk on making a dress that I hacked from this pattern. What was I smoking, I wonder?

Oh well, we’ve all done that… Let’s forgive and forget, there, there, pat-pat…


Actually, this is my muslin, the only alterations that I’ve done to the original pattern was the aforementioned FBA and I made the shoulders narrower. OK, I changed my mind: for a wearable muslin I quite like it! I actually wore it a few times already. And I YEARN to tweak this pattern to the point that it will become THE perfect piece and a go-to pattern for me. Dream big, baby, dream big!

10 thoughts on “Confused Scout…

    • Oh, thank you Robyn! I hummed and hawed long and hard before buying the pattern, looking all over the internet for women with similar body type as mine to see if it would even look good. I can’t wait to see your version, go for it, girl!!!

  1. I love this post. Your scout looks great! And worth tweaking. I didn’t get to the FBA. I just pitched it. I didn’t have the patience to FBA and do a narrow shoulder adjustment. (smaller dreams) On the other hand the Colette Laurel and I are still trying to work things out. I am one step closer…… thanks for the smiles!!!

  2. I really like the t-shirt, muslin or not. It looks lovely. Wish I had 5 yards of such a nice bargain buy! And you’ve almost decided me to get the grainline t shirt pattern too, nearly, as I’m miserly in my pattern buying if I can get away with tweaking another pattern! Thanks for the review, and pics.

    • Hey Trish, thanks for your kind words. I have a SERIOUS proposition for you: send me your mailing address to (yes, that is one of my actual email addresses, LOL!), and I will mail you the rest of this fabric. I have almost 3 meters left. It is a nice polyester microfibre, and it has a lovely drape! And then we can be Scout twins! And I really, really need help with de-stashing, so if you want to take this off my hands, I would be grateful!

  3. I really like that drape, but I have the same feels about all that fabric cascading from my bosom. I mean, some full-busted shirts make me feel like I could shoplift a ham, you know? But, that being said, I think the fabric choice was excellent for this pattern, and it seems feminine rather than frumpy. Beautiful!

    • Angela, this is too funny! When I read this comment, we were coming home from a dinner at my mother’s in law, feeling all bloated and stuffed… What did we eat, you ask? HAM! We ate ham! And I was wearing the wrong shirt! Therefore this Scout will be known as the HAM shirt, either for ham “shopping”, or eating, LOL! And thank you for the compliment!

  4. I like your version. The colour and fit look great. But I don’t care for this pattern for myself. I made it last year and I probably won’t make it again (and the t-shirt has long ago been given to charity).

    • Thank you, Nothy Lane! How is it that I’m getting your comment just now? With the perspective of all this time, I still don’t know what I think about that pattern… I’m still confused!

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