What made me decide to write about my vacation, finally? Well, few days ago I bought a bike, which I was going to ride to my yoga class today. As I was bumping the bike down the stairs off the porch, the chain fell off. Not wanting to dirty my hands, I grabbed a piece of old wood trim that my husband just replaced and left it on the porch. To make a long story short, I did not manage to put the chain back on, but I managed to get a flat tire, due to a nail sticking out of the trim. So I’m not doing yoga today, and have some time on my hands…

I had a great summer with  lots of camping and fun, but my grandmother’s illness and death back in Poland gave July and August a sad tinge. The timing of my trip over the pond worked out in such a way that I stood over her grave exactly a month after she died… But from the beginning:

PicMonkey CollageLondon


London was amazing! Something about it really resonated with me, it felt like I’ve been there before, maybe in my past life? And even though I consider myself a fairly successful transplant to North America, I ofter yearn for European lifestyle, which my London excursion just cemented. Next, off to Wales, with a little detour on the way:


PicMonkey Collagest


Stonehenge was… it was… impressive? I don’t even know what word I’m looking for. One thing I could not get over was THAT SKY. The clouds always racing across, so huge, pillowy, and overwhelming. And the crows the size of chickens… And why am I pointing to my head while standing in front of the hide? Well, I found out from one of the ladies who was giving a demonstration on Stonehenge builders’ fashion, that every animal has enough brain in their skull to cure their own hide. Yes, apparently brains cure leather, the lady told me so… Off to Wales:


PicMonkey Collage


When I grow up, I want to live in Wales and be a sheep farmer, I am in love with that countryside! We spent a few days in Cardiff, and my son was very impressed with The Bay, he just wanted to keep looking at it, as he was lying on the boardwalk looking at the water below… And finally, I got to shop for fabric, yey! Cardiff has a few nice fabric stores, where I fingered many fine Liberty Kona cottons, finally buying…



Yes, FIVE buttons… Off to Poland!


PicMonkey CollageRyb

So many friends and family, it was just incredible reconnecting with everybody! And finally I did more damage fabric-wise:


PicMonkey Collage1


8 meters in total, could have been worse! And now I will leave you with my favourite picture from the whole trip, and a firm reassurance that the next post will be about sewing!




See you soon!



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