Liebster Award Nomination

Helloooo Lovelies, I have to say I am downright floored by all the love I’ve been getting for my rendition of the Bombshell swimsuit. And I am aware that it’s not just about the swimsuit, it is because I, in all my “glory”, modelled the suit for you. There were NO negative comments, no trolling or body shaming (and I have to say, I was expecting some), which makes me think that women REALLY want to see real bodies out there. So let’s get out there ladies, let’s be real, let’s be all that we are. Let’s not be defined by a number on a scale, the size tag in your pants, or number of dimples on your butt, or by number on the cake. Throw out your scale, drop your pants, sit your butt down, and eat your cake, darn it!!! And feel good about it!

IMG_2636But seriously, positive feedback is great, especially when given by somebody who is well-accomplished and admired, one of my personal sewing heroes. Somebody like Sue of, who nominated me for Liebster Award. What did I get nominated for? My sense of fun and hair… OK, thanks Sue!

So the award works like a chain letter (which I ALWAYS break, but I couldn’t this time, since I respect Sue too much), you answer the questions posted by the nominator, then you nominate 3 other bloggers with readership of less than 1,000 (or 3,000, there are different rules out there). The nominator asks the nominees 10 questions, and chain goes on… The goal is to spread the blog love, of course!

Sue’s questions are in italics, my answers in regulars:

  1. What do you want to make but feel too apprehensive to start? The idea of sewing a winter coat gives me anxiety attacks. I tried for TWO winters, every year it’s the same, I prep fabric, lay out pattern pieces, and run away… Maybe this year…
  2. Apart from your sewing machine/s, what is your most used sewing tool? The serger, unless that counts as a sewing machine?
  3. What is the next skill you want to acquire? Play harmonica and ride a longboard. Not at the same time.
  4. All time favourite pattern? Easy: Vogue 8849. Easy too work with, simple to alter, great to hack!
  5. Fave era for clothes and sewing? I’d have to say 50s in terms of practicality, but in my heart of hearts I want to say Rococco or Baroque. I’ve never attempted to sew anything historical, but it’s difficult not to have a cow while looking at those tremendous creations, either in museum, or even looking at pictures of old masters. At least once I’d like to have a chance to dress up in a costume like that…
    I mean, c’mon… Tell me you wouldn’t want to dress up like this, at least once… Check out this informative blog:
  6. What other creative pursuits do you have? Gardening, colouring my hair, blogging, taking pics of insects.
  7. Where would you really like to shop for fabric? Well, NYC, of course! I also would like to visit one of those huuuuuuuuuge markets somewhere exotic, like Istambul, or somewhere in India. One of those places that sell everything AND fabrics, and everything is so different than what we have here, in North America!
  8. Where do you mostly buy your fabric and notions? Generally I buy my fabrics locally, either in the “fashion district” here in Toronto, or in a local Fabricland. I also gorge on fabrics at an annual Textile Museum sale, this last May I purchased about 30 meters of different treasures there… Still feeling guilty about cheating on my stash busting group like that…
  9. What stops you from doing more sewing? Oh, you know, family, work, sleeping, sunshine, creative frustrations, lack of focus, too many choices in fabric and patterns…
  10. What place is top of your bucket list? Australia and New Zealand. I have this longing to go there, always have had it… And maybe while I’m there I can have a cup of tea with Sue?
    Ayers Rock
    Sue? Tea? Here? Image source:

    Whew! OK, now my turn for nominating:

Sandra from Just Sew, for being one of the nicest Toronto sewcialists, as well as a tremendous sewist. She doesn’t tend to post pics of her creations (why? why? why???), so take my word for it, she is excellent!

Next, Sarah-Jane from Wearable Miscellany. She is fearlessly starting to sew, but she’s also an accomplished jewellery maker. I secretly hope that she eventually will create a fusion between clothes and jewellery, nudge, nudge!!!

Elle of Elle C Sews. I love her projects, her dyeing, and her entertaining writing. Maybe this little award nomination will encourage her to post more often?

So now my questions:

  1. What’s your latest make?
  2. If you were to paint your entire house one colour, what would it be?
  3. What’s your favourite beverage? Alcoholic, of course…
  4. Where do you get your inspiration to sew?
  5. Favourite pattern, and why???
  6. Knits or wovens, and why?
  7. What are three skills that you would like to master in the next 10 years?
  8. Stones or Beatles?
  9. If you could meet one fictional or deceased person, who would you like to meet? And what would you like to do with them?
  10. What is one thing that you totally and absolutely do not have any desire to sew, and why?

All right, it’s off to you peeps!