Bombshell Much?

QUICK, I must write this post QUICK, before I lose the nerve to post the pictures!

The Bombshell Swimsuit, oh how do I love thee? Even on a day when one is seen by the offspring in the nude, and the child roars with glee “mommy, your boobies look like great, big sausages”. One counteracts this feeling of “WTF, seriously?” by tightening the halter straps even more, in an attempt to give oneself more support. It works, although it slightly feels like one might get decapitated by said straps. But seriously, I love sausages.IMG_1209

This is the first EVER swimsuit that I’ve ever made. I found the process as intimidating as making a coat (last two winters I was trying to make a coat. I would lay out the fabric, the pattern pieces, start hyperventilating, and walk away), but I followed  Heather’s of Closet Case Files Bombshell Sewalong every step of the way, which really, really helped.

I will consider this version a wearable muslin, since now that I wore it a few times there are a few things I’d like to change, due to my specific “figure needs”. Fist, lengthen the “bodice” in the front only, to get more ruching, especially over the stomach. Secondly, experiment with different bra cup inserts, to help with the support situation. I also need to either drop or lift the backline, since the point at which it hits me across the back is a bit unflattering. But hey, I went swimming in a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL in this swimming suit  yesterday, the boobs stayed put where they needed to be, there were no malfunctions of any kind, I felt way more put together and confident than I do in any other swimsuit. And all of that with my bikini lines, ehem, ungroomed. Who woodda thunk?

PicMonkey Collage

I already cut out and started sewing another version, this time in black. So far so crap, on my very first seam I screwed up, and in the process of ripping out the stitches I made runs in the lining, like in pantyhose! Gah, I will have to recut the lining, or go without the lining, will laziness prevail this time?


Anyhoo, hope you like my lettuces and tomatoes. And radishes too. And in the next episode I will tell you how Sue nominated me for the Liebchen Award.

Happy summer all!


32 thoughts on “Bombshell Much?

  1. Sassy! This looks great! I really like the color on you! I definitely don’t recommend skipping the lining on your next suit… even if it seems like your fabric is opaque enough to go without, it might not be when it’s wet!

    • Yes, will recut the lining, why cut the corners when sewing something that should bring you enjoyment for summers to come? Thank you Ginger.

  2. I have been conflicted over whether or not to try this pattern! Now that I have seen a halter work on a busty lady, I may bite the bullet and buy it. Thank you for posting photos and impressions of this project. You look amazing!

    • Thank you Angela, you should totally do it. Even in my skinny years I only had ONE swimsuit which I thought was equally nice. You will love it!!!

  3. You look marvellous! Bombshell indeed….love the cut and colour and I would never guess it was not store bought!

    • Oh, thank you! My husband did not even comment on it when I unceremoniously put it on before going swimming, because he thought it was store-bought too.

  4. I just discovered your blog and read the whole thing. I love it. My own blogging is rather sporadic now, but I always love to read the journeys of other women who are sew to celebrate their bodies right now.

  5. You are an inspiration!!! I love love love your style. I also love that you made and Posted that adorable suit. The color is great and the fit is great. I like the ruching in the back. I’ve been soooo busy with school and new babies in the family I haven’t had any time to sew for myself. I am enjoying seeing what you are making and intend to come back here after all my nieces and nephews are finished with this round of baby popcorn! Really? Four in one month is killing me!

    • WOw, you are such a busy lady! Keep it up, you can do it! And thank you for your wonderful comment, I am so humbled by all the support and encouragement I’ve been receiving from the blogging/sewing community… Thank you again!

  6. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I highly, highly recommend this pattern. I just came back from a week long camping excursion, was swimming in this suit every day, and every day I felt like a Bond girl coming out of the water… Really, LOL!

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