Bombshell Much?

QUICK, I must write this post QUICK, before I lose the nerve to post the pictures!

The Bombshell Swimsuit, oh how do I love thee? Even on a day when one is seen by the offspring in the nude, and the child roars with glee “mommy, your boobies look like great, big sausages”. One counteracts this feeling of “WTF, seriously?” by tightening the halter straps even more, in an attempt to give oneself more support. It works, although it slightly feels like one might get decapitated by said straps. But seriously, I love sausages.IMG_1209

This is the first EVER swimsuit that I’ve ever made. I found the process as intimidating as making a coat (last two winters I was trying to make a coat. I would lay out the fabric, the pattern pieces, start hyperventilating, and walk away), but I followed  Heather’s of Closet Case Files Bombshell Sewalong every step of the way, which really, really helped.

I will consider this version a wearable muslin, since now that I wore it a few times there are a few things I’d like to change, due to my specific “figure needs”. Fist, lengthen the “bodice” in the front only, to get more ruching, especially over the stomach. Secondly, experiment with different bra cup inserts, to help with the support situation. I also need to either drop or lift the backline, since the point at which it hits me across the back is a bit unflattering. But hey, I went swimming in a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL in this swimming suit  yesterday, the boobs stayed put where they needed to be, there were no malfunctions of any kind, I felt way more put together and confident than I do in any other swimsuit. And all of that with my bikini lines, ehem, ungroomed. Who woodda thunk?

PicMonkey Collage

I already cut out and started sewing another version, this time in black. So far so crap, on my very first seam I screwed up, and in the process of ripping out the stitches I made runs in the lining, like in pantyhose! Gah, I will have to recut the lining, or go without the lining, will laziness prevail this time?


Anyhoo, hope you like my lettuces and tomatoes. And radishes too. And in the next episode I will tell you how Sue nominated me for the Liebchen Award.

Happy summer all!