Basically, basics…

Now that it’s been year and a half since I’ve said “adieu” to ready-to-wear clothing, the ones that I have left over from when back when are reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally wearing out… So you can imagine my squee when Steph from Sewing Cake announced on Facebook that she’s looking for peeps to test the print-at-home version of the new tee pattern. Few hours later I had it all printed, taped, traced, and all.

Version #1PicMonkey Collage1

Religiously followed all the directions. The only variation is the pocket placement. My machine decided to chew up the fabric as I was attaching the pockets. Sure enough, as this flimsy, tissue knit was a perfect candidate for chewing… I had to pry the machine’s jaws open, remove the needle plate, the fabric got so tangled up inside that I was left with a small hole. So I placed the pocket strategically to cover it up. Other than that, I got those vertical pull lines from the neckline at the shoulder seam, as you can clearly see in the picture… So, I cut

Version #2

PicMonkey Collage2

with more room around the neck, but the lines still persisted a little bit. Then I thought that it was probably the neckband being too long, resulting in not enough stretch, but as I shortened the band and attached it more snugly, I ended up with horizontal lines going outwards from the tip of the V. Ugh!

Version #3

PicMonkey Collage3

At this point, I was totally free-stylin’. I eyeballed the neckline, cut whatever neckband seemed appropriate, and had fun with it. And why did I do 3 versions? Because I love this pattern! I want to make it in every colour, and I have my stash appropriately earmarked. The cut-on sleeve is totally fuss free, and it takes very little time to put together. But the most important thing about this tee is that in every other tee I feel like a chick in a t-shirt. But in any of these three, I feel like a lady. I don’t know why, but hey, why not?

And now I have to go and cut off that stupid drawstring that is protruding from my stomach in every picture. I did not make THOSE pants!

PS.  The free version of the pattern available here: . The download link is in the sidebar on the right.

Also, Craftsy has it available for the free download. Thank you Steph of Cake Patterns for sharing this lovely pattern so generously!!!


13 thoughts on “Basically, basics…

    • Thank you Yvee! I do enjoy not buying clothes, although now when my closet is getting a little bare I feel a bit of a squeeze an d I don’t have time to sew fast enough… I highly recommend this pattern!

  1. These look great, J! I love that you have a no-rack mindset, do you ever go to retail stores now and kind of get freaked out by seeing stacks of the same t-shirt, or is that just me? 😉

    For the lines… Try scooping out the back neck curve a little more. If you’re not sure about that email me, but you seem like you know how to play with a pattern. 🙂

    And I think this is one of my fave comments ever “But the most important thing about this tee is that in every other tee I feel like a chick in a t-shirt. But in any of these three, I feel like a lady. I don’t know why, but hey, why not?” YES! ME TOO! I can get away with wearing a t-shirt but I feels like a lady. hehe.

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