Playing with my camera…

Hi peeps!

I am still around, but with the advent of warmer weather I have acquired a bunch of new hobbies. I started rollerblading again (after 12-year hiatus), which makes me feel like a super-star. I have been more diligent about my strength training as well, but most of all, I’ve been koo-koo for my camera. With all that, I don’t have much time for sewing these days, but whatever comes out of my machine is either crap, or multiple pairs of shorts for my exponentially growing son… I know nobody (or almost nobody) reads post about children’s clothing, so in the meantime feast thy eye on these (click to enlarge):

















































10341994_10152171576297252_4179464145264575994_nL8r gator!



2 thoughts on “Playing with my camera…

  1. Bugs!! I hope that you used your zoom, and didn’t actually have to get that close to the spiders and ants. *shivers* P.S. I love the pic of the fly. If pictures of insects could be beautiful to me, that one really would be. 😛

    • Angela!!! I love bugs! And spiders are really cool to photograph, they hardly move at all if you can convince them not to run AWAY from you! The snails and worms are trickiest to photograph, you practically have to lie down on the ground, which is usually wet… Yuck…

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