Guilt Pant Pandamonium


If you are a person who has not bred yet, you might not know that particular brand of THIS FEELING. If your offspring is independent, you might remember IT. If your little human is youngish and growing like a weed, you feel IT all the time. The “selfish” time you spend on thinking, drafting, muslining and fitting and re-drafting, and sewing and blogging all for yourself! And then you end up with this guilty, hangover-like sensation buzzing around your head. You might have your own way of dealing with it, you spectacular mother of a young child. I have my own way, and it always involves throwing pants (specifically pants) at it, hence the term “guilt pants” was coined in my household. This time, pajama pants for the whole family. Image

How could you resist this panda-printed, softest ever fleece? You don’t. In the midst of cutting you realize you only have enough for Daddy-o to get shorts in the best case scenario. Just as well, he has great legs!

Yes, I am married to The Rock.

To show how much you care, you add some fake flat-felled seams with black topstitching, and secure the waistband elastic to the side seams, to prevent twisting. Wow, what a great mom I am!

And then, that weird feeling of glee at the whole unit having matching PJ pants… I don’t understand this feeling, but allow myself to feel it anyway… Yey, matching PJs!

Now that I’ve cleared my conscience and unburdened my guilt, it is back to my regularly scheduled programming. The word “nautical” buzzes around my head…

Do you get THAT FEELING? Or am I the only one? How do you deal with it, o excellent mother/mother to be/wife/girlfriend/auntie/gramma/godmother?

Come back to me….



12 thoughts on “Guilt Pant Pandamonium

  1. When they were little (mine are out of the nest) I sewed more for them than myself. Now I have a granddaughter and I’ve learned a very important lesson… I bought HER a machine! Instant Guilt B Gone! If she wants something she now has the tool to make her own! I help her, and usually end up taking over, but at least she has to start it… design it… and prep all the fabric!

    • Love it, way to pass on the sewing bug! I hope that my son will want to sew, so far he seems very taken with the process (he enjoys picking his fabric and deciding if he wants pants or a top from it), but no interest in actually making anything…

  2. Pandas!!

    I am actually the opposite. I definitely feel that I make more stuff for my husband and son than I do for myself. They certainly comprise the bulk of my mending..

  3. My Dad (lives with me for my sins, and nearly 99) has panda pyjamas and adores them. Asks for them all the time (as well as the “spank me” pyjamas – OMG!!). So beware, these men never grow out of their fleecy panda PJs!

  4. Guilt? I have it but I rarely make stuff for them. I have 14 year old and an 18 year old daughter and they are very particular about what they want to wear. PJs are a safe bet, and I have made them matching nighties. They both got matching nighties with their dolls too many years ago. I did make the older daughter a maxi skirt last year and she wore it constantly. It was a really good feeling. I am warming up to making something for my husband.

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