A Sweater, A Princess, and Second Chances.


Once upon a time there was a cute sweater. It was snug, but not too snug, and it was such a colour that when you saw it, you tasted raspberries in your mouth. The sweater belonged to the fair-ish Princess, who wore it few times, enjoying herself immensely. One day, the evil stepmother* carelessly threw the sweater into the wash and then into the dryer on HOT! The Princess shed tears, as the lovely sweater barely covered her belly anymore. It was a pitiful sight, the Princess tugging on it trying to make it fit, but to no avail. Many years have passed (like, almost five) and the Princess acquired the skill of sewing. Even though the sweater was languishing in the darkest bowels of her closet, she never forgot the shrunken treasure.

PicMonkey Collage

She was stricken with a bout of inspiration. She cut off the ribbing at the bottom, cut off most of the sleeves, added a black band and pink button to each sleeve, and a half-circle skirt to where the ribbing used to be.  The Princess’ heart was overflowing with joy, she was eagerly awaiting being re-united with her lovely, lovely sweater, now getting reincarnated as a high-waisted, MIDI dress. But an evil spirit possessed the Princess’ shears, and also poked her in the elbow as she was shortening the hem. Oops, there was nothing else to do but to carry on, the Princess apparently now had a high-waisted MINI dress, which she finished with a rolled hem on her serger. From the extra fabric that she salvaged from the hem she made a belt, which totally did not show in the pictures, and a cute bow, which she attached to the centre of the neckline. The Princess cherished her new dress, proudly wore it in her backyard while taking pictures. Afterwards, she edited her nipples out of the photos, as it was sooooooo darn cold outside, and it showed in the pictures. But her and the dress had a great time, and they lived happily ever after.




*The “evil stepmother” was actually a helpful and well-meaning Prince, but some names got changed to protect people’s identities.


13 thoughts on “A Sweater, A Princess, and Second Chances.

  1. LOL @ editing the nipples out!! You should have really freaked people out, and only edited one. 😉

    Super cute refashion! I can’t imagine this NOT being a mini. You look fantastic, and the color of the sweater is delicious.

    • Thanks Angela! The funniest thing is that I DID actually edit out only one nipple in each picture! There was something with the light i guess, so when I retouched over on one side, I always ended up with a darker blob, no matter what I did… So I left one boob retouched, and the other one nipply. LOL!

  2. You know… the little bow at the neckline really pulls it together! I love that you were able to roll with the problems and make it a fun dress! You gave me an idea on a frumpy old blue dress I made for interviews… I damaged part of the hem with the serger and now I think I might make it a much more interesting dress by cutting it off! (I did get the job, so I haven’t worn the dress since!)

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