Your love is Kiiiiiiiiiing….

Been long enough, no? What have I been up to? Mostly scrubbing my hands, since two weeks ago I did this:

I edited out some wrinkles and zits, I’m normally not this perfect, SNORT!!!

Manic Panic is a messy mistress, but I love me in this colour! And moving right along, I also painted the “art wall”, to a colour that totally clashes with my hair. Bad for taking blog pictures, but at least my living room looks better. And because it’s so bad for taking pictures, I will model my latest creations in front of this wall, even though the cleanup is not quite complete, and the baseboards… Sigh…

So, have you heard about “Jean-ius:  Reverse Engineer Your Favorite Fit” from Craftsy (once again, I’m not being paid by Craftsy for this, maybe I should hit them up for some free courses)? Taught by Prof. Kenneth King, who is a true genius, his method of copying clothes is amazing. I need to say that the pair of jeans that I started with was not my favourite. I don’t think I ever had a fave pair of pants. Old Navy’s Diva came the closest, but when my last pair practically disintegrated from so much wear, I had to come up with something. Can’t buy any more, I am on a retail clothing fast, remember?IMG_0413

This is what you’re supposed to do to your pants. The idea is to mark all the necessary features of the pattern with thread, and when you’re done with taking the pattern you can pull the thread out and you can still wear your pants as if nothing happened. My pair was so dead that I got lazy and just drew on them with markers. It worked.



We can all agree that the fit to start with was not so great, but it was not catastrophic. And here’s what I came out with following King’s precise and crystal-clear instructions:

Click the image to enlarge.

There were several snags, such as awfully butchered zipper installation (the top flap did not cover the zipper, gaaaaaah!). And also, I managed to hit a gnarly combo of marking my grain line wrong on the pattern (I was off by a couple of degrees). This got amplified by the fact that the original was not cut perfectly on grain, apparently cheap clothing manufacturers do that to save on fabric costs. My being totally off the grain can be seen in the inner leg seam veering to the front (middle picture, above). But in overall I liked this pair, I wore it a lot. It had just the right amount of stretch… and… what did the prof say? That he absolutely refuses to work with stretch jeans for this technique? Even if you start with a stretch fabric, the amount of stretch you have in the “copy” fabric might not be the same, therefore the fit will be different. Makes sense, but I immediately had to venture into the non-stretch territory. I was thinking that I would make the seam allowances smaller and all should workout. Bahahaha!

I overexposed the picture on purpose, so you can see the wrinkles in the fabric.

Looking vaguely triumphant, these pants look slimming! But it’s probably because they are KINDA tight in some areas… like the stomach… and the upper bum…

IMG_0449Even though I messed up the zipper insertion again, I totally fixed the grain line problem, yes! And the extra wrinkles all around the bum come from the fact that they are simply too tight in those areas.

And now you may ask why do I keep blogging about all those sewing disasters that I call “clothes”? Ummm, to document my sewing journey? To give hope to those who, like me, keep messing up and yet they go on to create another “failure”, but eventually they end up with a proper pair of pants. Or not. Because a failure is a failure only when you give up! And I know that one day soon I will have a proper, well-fitting pair of pants.

So fight on, dear sewists!

Oh yeah, I would have forgotten: I recommend this course to anybody having even a remote interest in making pants. The amount of cool techniques that one can learn from this teacher is amazing! How to make a contoured waist band with your iron? Sure!  What are pocket stays and what are benefits of such? Yes, installed them in both pairs and love them!

See, pocket stays. And the butchered zipper insertion. Obviously I’m not getting something…

But in the meantime, brace yourselves, I am churning out another dress for

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III
Yes, yes, yes!
The post is due by April 1st (my birthday), and this time I’m going with a 50s bored housewife dress. Vaguely inspired by early Betty, since I have no idea what’s been going on for the last 2 seasons because Netflix doesn’t have those seasons! But anyhoo, see you soon, and keep on keeping on!

5 thoughts on “Your love is Kiiiiiiiiiing….

  1. Love that hair!! I have always envied blondes for the ease of color transition. It is my intention to stock manic panic as soon as I have enough gray hair to make it work, which should be soon. 😉

    Also, the wall color is fantastic, the fact that you created a workable pattern from RTW is amazing, and even your failures impress me.

    • Angela, you are so sweet! Thanks for the compliments! The hair thing was not so easy though… I still had to bleach the crap out of it before the dye would take. But I no longer have any aspirations as to having undamaged and healthy hair. I don’t think you can have hair that’s healthy AND cool at the same time. Meh…

  2. Ooh, that hair – gorgeous! I’ve long wondered about the Kenneth King course and now have missed the sale at Craftsy, so will wait until next time. I have never had a properly fitting pair of jeans, and would kill to have a pair that fit as well as yours. They look amazing!

    • Thank you! And thank you! I highly recommend this class, do keep your eye out for the sale. I also purchased the Angela Wolf (that’s her name I think) about making designer jeans, but have not started watching yet. I’ll keep you in the loop about it!

      • I think I bought the Angela Wolf one in the last sale (so stingy!). My issue is the fact that I work full time – I need to retire to sew!!

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