Feeling blue…

… on so many levels. Too friggin’ frigid, too dark, too little sleep, too many colds in the house, blah blah blah, many of you are probably riding the same train so I will shut up. Kinda. I just went to make myself a nice beverage and I forgot to put booze in it. Tragedy!!! A lot of my sadness comes from the fact that since I made my last dress I have been convinced that all I should wear is similar garments, but it is just so impractical for my work and general life. I have also been on a major sewing kick that involved blue fabric. And is work-appropriate. Exhibit 1 and 2. 


Another version of Simplicity 2369. Why another (other than that one I also have a blue dress and another black top, never blogged)? Fast and dirty, and I thought I looked good in it. Until I saw these pictures. Do you have a day that you dedicate to shooting your makes and hardly a handful of shots are suitable for public broadcasting? Yeh… Well Ladies and Gents, this top is just too large… But it feels so nice… Exhibit 2 is another version of Espresso, this time in more flared version (straight from just above the knee). Why? Fast and dirty… And also I  really wanted JEGGINGS. These are jeggings. Go mommy!

I was flirting with pink topstitching on the pockets. In the hindsight, it got a bit too far. Almost to the third base too far…

Just in case I never mentioned it, BLUE IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR. When I was pregnant, waaaaaaaaay before I knew I was going to have a son, I started dressing in head-to-toe blue, totally unintentionally. That’s how I knew I was going to have a boy, my unconscious was telling me! FYI, not expecting right now, although it might look like it… Anyhoo, have I mentioned that hardly any of the photos from today turned out appropriate for mass consumption?


But it’s not all bad blue. I made me a necklace. My favourite one broke, so I decided to try some recycling and trendy colour-blocking:

IMG_0390And also I made  McCall 6844. My first attempt, no muslin but major as-sewn fittings. Took off about 3″ off the back length, but not front (funny, my back is super-short but my front is almost regular in length, probably due to my boobage and tummy roundness). And did I mention how I was not able to take any decent photos today? I had to take my shoot outside, since photographing navy-blue is almost as hard as photographing black.  As soon as I set up, with my tripod and my me-made hat (courtesy of stashbusting challenge 2014, made from the same fabric as the cardigan) it started to snow. Bloody sh… Too much…

PicMonkey Collageswea
So not impressed with my remote shutter control… I have to point it dead-on into the camera sensor and hold it… Ugh… Maybe the battery’s dead?

I liked this pattern, I will definitely try it again. This time I will do my best not to eff up when installing the collar thingy section. I will also interface it, as per instructions…

But enough with this self-pity party. Tomorrow, February 26th, is the anniversary of my blog. I am so happy I I started blogging. I have this glorious ODE TO MY BLOGGING HEROES post in my head, but that won’t happen soon. Maybe in May… But since we are in February, I still need to blog about “sewing for the ones we love” theme. Although I wonder whether that part of February might happen in March. Oh well, all is well that ends well… Here’s the ONE “good” picture I got from today’s shoot:

IMG_0377I also realized that my back is not as big as I think it is, need to cut smaller size. And also I learnt that if you put on a summery, flowery skirt and run/dance/twirl around the house for few minutes, your spirits will elevate. Will have to remember that for the next time! What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?




12 thoughts on “Feeling blue…

  1. Aww! I, too, am thoroughly sick of poorly-lit indoor photo shoots—and no way am I going outside! And I can’t even find my tripod…

    I think the blue top looks cute, though—and the jeggings are super fun, too! And hooray for twirling and anything else you need to do to make it until spring gets here!

    • Yes, twirling! Funny, but as I was writing this post I was thinking about you and Funny Girl. If it’s so frigid here, it must be frozen hell out west! Thank you Tanit for your kind words, keep warm!

  2. YES!!! Summer clothes, a drink and twirling around the house with Kitty. Works for me until we can FINALLY venture to the out of doors. I like your outfit madame! Jeggings are always better with hot pink top stitching. I think it says that in the pattern somewhere. The wrap top is cute! You could make the sleeves smaller, might help. And, yes to that McCalls’ jacket, I love it! Great shape and drape to it.

    I need a remote shutter control! I now just set my camera to auto-timer and have to try to ‘pose’ for 10 shots, then go set it up again.

    • Hi Catja, thanks for your kind words! My kitty does not want to dance with me, this time around she even was not interested in photobombing…Oh god I hope this winter ends soon! Hey, were you serious about the pleather jacket? Seems like you might have planted a seed in my head…

  3. I love those hidden wedge shoes! The makes are AWESOME! I adore that wrap style top for us “well endowed” women, but I don’t have the courage to wear it. I feel like my “ladies” suffer from stage fright since I have been trying to hide them since the 8th grade. Maybe this summer I will take some inspiration from you and highlight my assets with a well constructed wrap blouse or 2.. It looks so comfy and beautiful on you!

    • Aww, thank you Angela! I started hiding my ladies in 4th grade (gooooooood luck hiding THAT!)… It sure affects how I dress and sew. I was thinking about putting together a post about this, I’m just afraid it would be one of those bloated, self-involved ramblings. But you know what, thumbs up for a wrap top, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  4. OMG so much of this post made me laugh and laugh. Yes, I often take a million photos (with dodgy remote control) to have every one look foul – sometimes I wonder how I can get out of bed in the morning, and then my husband tells me that I’m beautiful and all is well (yes, he’s hugely misguided, but I still love it!). I love your outfit – all of it. I am a green girl, but strangely attracted to your blue.

    • Yes, it is nice to have an extremely short-sighted husband, no? Mine does the same! I’m happy you enjoy reading my rambling, I think we share the same excellent sense of humour!

  5. Yes, music! For some reason I’ve had “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon in my head for the last 2 days, it is very singable. I kinda realized that singing it out loud all the time might bring to my 4-year old to asking questions, so I changed the lyrics to “Socks on Fire”. I like it like that!

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