Small makes for small stuff

Howdy! How are you? Me, I am still doing so well in my 2014 stashbusting quest! This time, I decided to deal with the smaller scraps. So I made these:


What are these? Small containers, like these:


The big guy with the badly installed rivets and a leather handle is a thread catcher. And the rest are catch-all for small stuff. Like these:


Each one of them took approximately four minutes to make, I serged (sergered?) all the seams (for speed and a little decorative effect) mostly without any measuring, which was a fun and very organic project. I can’t remember where I got the idea for these, but it was in some magazine, where they converted legs of old jeans into similar containers. I needed something smaller, to hold my necklaces and knick-knacks that always get tangled and mixed up in my drawer (I am not the best organizer, you know…) Bring on more stuff!




That was the reason I made these, to house my precious stuff. BTW, my sister makes these bracelets, they are gorgeous, and I am a lucky owner of quite a few of them! Is there more stuff we need to put there? Yes!


And now, let’s have a STUFF PARTYYYYYYYYYYY!

IMG_0225Happy organizing!


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