New Year!

Hello, hope that 2014 finds you well!
I have to confess, this is the third time I’m starting to write this post, as the previous two drafts I trashed. Why, you ask? I meant to do a post on my sewing experiences of 2013, and it became all brooding-self- absorbed-who cares crap. So without further ado, mostly in point form in no particular order, without much elaborations, here’s what I learnt in 2013:

  • sewing is mostly ironing
  • writing about, measuring, photographing, and sewing clothing for one’s body surely makes one own up to said body!
  • consumerism sucks
  • the more I learn, the more I find I need to learn (it was meant sewing-wise, but I guess it applies to all areas of life, huh?)
  • I cannot live without making stuff
  • embarking on this one year of no buying RTW has improved my self esteem greatly!
  • as result of the above, I ventured out of my comfort zone in a few other areas of my life
  • seriously want to move to some remote community totally off the grid, to be away from this modern-life craziness
  • interactions with other Sewcialists, as well as their support are amazing. When living off-grid, I will remain plugged into the web, so I can remain in touch with Sewcialists

As a brief intermission, please enjoy these lovely pictures from the ice storm. The  stove that I made during the two day power outage we enjoyed here in Toronto right before Christmas. I couldn’t sew, so I made other things…

Boiling water to make tea took only an hour per pot. But it worked!

There were some amazing and beautiful things to see in the cold, and one of them was the “Satanic Icicles On My Clothesline”. Neat, eh?



So, what’s in store for 2014, sewing-wise? Hmmmm…. I know:

continue to sew, be better organized with the sewing process, familiarize myself with my new sewing machine, finish the slipcover for my butt-ugly sofa, make a coat pour moi and another for the husband, finish the Christmas gifts for few members of the family (thanks again, ice storm!), work through all those Craftsy courses that I purchased, learn to play harmonica, become more sewcialistic (Pinterest, Twitter), blog more often, hone camera skills so I can be less huffy and puffy when it comes to taking pics for the blog, continue my no RTW for another year (I have no interest in buying clothes, now more than ever!) I don’t know what else, so much stuff! Oh yes, make a leather purse, finish what I start and blog about it!

My fingers are killing me from typing, after all it’s the third time that I wrote this post. I might keep it this time. Happy New Year, everyone!


6 thoughts on “New Year!

  1. Sorry your fingers are sore…but you wrote a great post! Your first picture of boiling water during the power outage made me laugh. I put 12 tea lights in the bottom of my toaster oven and used my glass pyrex pot to boil water and reheat leftovers. We’ve proved that sewcialists are very creative people in many ways!

    • Oh Liz, my hat’s off to you… In a toaster oven? That’s brilliant! Happy New Year, I hope we won’t have to deal with any major blackouts for a long, long time!

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