We don’t need your education!

…actually we DO need that education, we’re just too eager to get started on the project to sit through all the lessons. I’m referring to “Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt” on Craftsy. I watched 4 episodes (out of 11) and then my fingers got so itchy that I just had to make that skirt NOW! I mean, how could I sit through all that, when the fabric that I purchased at the annual Yardage Sale at Textile Museum is burning a hole on my cutting floor?  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you ever feel like you transform  into one of those seek-and-destroy acquire robots, whose eyes lock on the target, and then pursue the target until it’s in the robot’s hands? You know that feeling? That was me when I glimpsed this cloth. I loved everything about it: the cozy but cool and light texture, the colours, the print, the informative selvage, and then the whole “one of a kind” aspect. It’s a screen print, so it’s possible that each fraction of the fabric looks slightly different than the other, right? Originally, I wanted to make a top out of this fabric, but I have been worshipping at the altar of Stacy and Clinton (of TLC’s What Not To Wear), and I’m sure they would recommend going crazy fabric on the lower part of my body, and something more subdued on top (deemphasize bigger chest, and balance it with more visible bottom yadda, yadda, yadda). So that’s how I made the call to use this print for the skirt.


In the process of making it, I was impressed with myself how good I got with inserting zippers. Even though the instructor called for an invisible zipper, I put a standard zipper in, and you wouldn’t even know that there’s a zipper there. Also, I matched the horizontal big navy line pretty well. Not so much with the rest of the print… Instead of doing regular hem, I used bias tape. I adore this skirt, but after wearing it for few hours I realized (yet again) that the recommended 1 inch ease in the waist is not a good idea for me. I just don’t need it for functionality, it only makes the skirt slide down and turn on my body…

I would love to watch the rest of that class some day. And maybe even insert pockets into another A-line skirt… Because there will be more A-line skirts! I do have more batshit crazy fabrics in my stash, and I’m not afraid to use them! I’m going home now, see you later!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPS. If you’re ever considering watching this course, the instructor has you draft the skirt in 2 pieces (front and back). I decided to add a bit more volume at the bottom, so I used the slash-and-spread technique, and I thought it would be a better idea to do it in 4 pieces… BTW, they cover this in another lesson, but I couldn’t have been bothered… So really, I have no idea how they do it.


4 thoughts on “We don’t need your education!

    • Hey Chloe! Thank you! Very likely I had this fabric in my bag as I run into you at the sale. I’m already envisioning it worn with some black tights and boots in the winter…

  1. What a great, cheerful skirt! And did you see the the first challenge of the Sew Mama Sew Bee is to make a skirt from this very Craftsy course? You are totally a trend setter! 🙂

    • Hey Gillian! I am so excited about the SMSB! I can’t wait to see what the competitors will come up with! Will you enter? As per the trendsetting: blush… I just like bright colours. And crazy patterns.

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