I’m in, I’m in!

Howdy! Just finished watching the 5th Season of Mad Men on Netflix. That show is not doing good things for my psyche, but does it ever get my creative juices flowing… Since season 1, I’ve been fantasizing about making Joan-worthy dresses, if only I had the body… But now (i.e. late 60’s), that the fashions have relaxed a bit, I’m thinking that I could pull some of those off, both in sewing and wearing department. And by the way, my body is my body, and I will dress it up in whatever I please. So I’ve decided to join the Mad Men Challenge, hosted by the amazing Julia Bobbin. So here I go:


So what am I intending to make? There are two candidates, both of them will be executed in knit, since there is no way in hell I would get all the fitting issues figured out on time in a woven fabric.

First, Joan dress. This is self-explanatory, I mean, who does not want to have a Joan dress… Seems simple enough, and the collar with the amazing long ties at the back is just so delicious!

Joan'sDressWAnimalPrintCollar2Second candidate, Zou Bisou Megan:

zou dressAhhhhhhhhhh, so simple and beautiful. There will be alterations to the neckline, also I have no idea how to execute the beautiful pleats on the sleeves (so I’ll go pleatless).

The deadline is April 19th, so I gotta motor it! But while I’m at it, I’ll play around with a circle skirt. With a crinoline!

I’ve never smoked in my life, but for this I just could not resist…

And BTW, have you Mad Menned yourself? Here’s moi!



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