5 AM Top

On Monday at 5 AM,  I was obsessing about those pants I’m making getting ready for work, when I realized (again) that all the time I was thinking about sewing. But we all do that, no? As I was dragging my butt around the house in an attempt to leave the house in a timely manner, I reflected on what I was wearing: an old pair of Old Navy jeans (I promise, my last pair ever!), and an old, cheap long-sleeve tee. That’s my usual work uniform, ugh… I know that 5 AM is too early to even put on clothes properly, but come on woman, put on something that indicates that you actually have a pulse… So the idea of sewing something fast, fun and easy enough to put on at 5AM started cooking in my head. Then I thought about the black, blue and pink stripy 4-way stretch knit that I bought during the Toronto sewing bloggers meet-up, and decided to use Simplicity 2369 pattern. I’ve already made the dress (view B) and the top (view C), and this time around I was going to make another C . I had less fabric than required, so I made it  one size smaller than my usual. I also shortened the ties, which are usually way too long. I’ve also decided that I wanted a vertical stripe (I’m still convinced that horizontal stripe is not my thing), but I did not like how the folds in the front looked with the vertical stripe. So being the adventurous person that I am, I’ve decided to go horizontal for that part. I also did not fold the neckband under, as per directions.  This is the end result:

What, were you expecting to see me with make-up? I shaved my legs for you, isn’t it enough?
These are my jeans… Not for much longer!

I like this pattern, but I’m somewhat conflicted about the sleeves. I think that they are too wide for my silhouette (and these are made narrower than the pattern directions), but I like the rest.

Hopefully, tomorrow morning, when I get up at such ungodly hour again, I will feel a bit more… uplifted as I leave the house. Nothing better than a new, colourful top to perk you up… And the usual three buckets of coffee…

What do you like to sew when you want something uplifting, dear sewist readers?


7 thoughts on “5 AM Top

  1. I like the top, love the colour and stripes! I don’t mind the wide sleeves, adds a ’70’s vibe, but you can always close the seams a bit if you want them smaller.

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