The long and short of it…

MIA for almost 3 weeks… not good for a rookie blogger. But fear not, Dear Reader, I have not flaked out. I’ve been doing things, but with less zip, due to the offspring’s 2 weeks off from school. Too long…

Inspired by my last blogged project fiasco (Butterick B5785), I’ve been studying. Back in February, I picked up a copy of Fitting for Every Figure by the editors of Threads. With a hypochondriac-like delight, I’ve been diagnosing all the ways in which my body does not correspond to that of a clothing industry standard, pouring over various improvements one can do to her clothes to make them fit better. Oh boy, what did I get myself into? I will be blogging about this highly anxiety-inducing topic at some other time.

I did manage to do a little sewing as well. I finished a skirt, the idea of which I conceived in January (the black number), and worked on a wearable muslin for McCalls M6713. I was hoping it will turn out to be a wearable, the work went along swimmingly, until I got to the bodice fitting. The pattern calls for the use of small raglan shoulder pads, and shoulder pads and I do not get along at all… So I cut off the hump on the shoulder which was meant to house the pad. This helped a bit, but still I was left with a dropped shoulder situation, which does not look good on my body at all… So I thought that maybe I should forget the sleeves and just go with the cute cap-sleeve, but the hole under my arm was just too big… I turned to the book to read about full-figured/full-busted petite adjustments, grumpily decided that this is too much at this time, threw the bodice onto my Can I Save It? Pile, and turned my attention to the skirt. Long story short, I have a long skirt (the black-red one):

Sorry for a crappy picture, working on a better photo location!

So what’s the short number, you ask? Well, I bought this pretty fabric last spring, and had no idea what to do with it.


The textured roses stick out about 1/4 inch, and I was not comfortable with adding that much bulk to any of my of my measurements… Until I realized that some extra dimension in the hip area would actually do nice things to my silhouette. So I made a rectangle, lined it with some bamboo jersey, made 2 darts in the back (did not want too much gathering happening there), added the yoga-pant waistband (hugs the waists so… spanx-like), and voila! Instant curves, kinda! Look!

My offspring made me the flower. Pretty, no? I figured a spring-like prop would be called for on this wintery photo!

So what is next? Working on some pant alternations, hope to have that ready for the next blog entry… But you never know, it could be another skirt… Keep warm people, this spring is………. (feel free to fill in the blank)!


7 thoughts on “The long and short of it…

  1. Wow, I love your textured roses skirt! Very flattering on you, nice job! Too bad about the bodice part of your McCalls pattern. I’m leaving out the shoulder pads for the dress I’m making now, but because they are kimono type sleeves, doesn’t affect it the same way as set in sleeves.

    • Thank you Katja! I would call the bodice a learning opportunity, I will get it right! Can’t wait to see how your dress turns out! And Ikea skirt!

  2. What a fabulous skirt. When we were in New Orleans two years ago I saw a formal dress with similar roses in a shop window. It was beautiful. Then I saw similar fabric in store and was sorely tempted but I knew I wasn’t going to make a formal floor length dress like the one I saw so I passed on it. Your skirt is fabulous. I should have thought about scaling back like that.

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