Love me some Ikea!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot so long ago, I discovered that Ikea sells fabric. Made it home that afternoon with about 10 meters, all intended for clothing. Nothing over $4/meter. One fabric that I was extremely excited about was this lovely chocolate-brown and blue paisley 100% cotton velvet. Oh so soft… That was about 50% of my purchase, since I wanted to sew EVERYTHING out of it! I thought a good item to start with would be a skirt, since I never wear skirts, and I really want to start. I wonder if there’s a reason that I forgot about why I don’t wear skirts? Oh well, we’re about to find out… I used Simplicity 5259, view F. To accommodate my “unique” dimensions, I had to add to the waist measurement, and then downgrade the hips from size 22 to 20. I also did not stick to 5/8″ hem allowance, since I find it so wasteful having to cut off all those enormous seams. I usually do quarter inch hems. I thought I did my math right, tried it on about a zillion times while sewing, but somehow the skirt came out about 2 inches too large in the waist. I can slip it off without undoing the zipper. Other than that, I love the way it turned out!


I had a little outing today, to which I wore the skirt. Amazingly, it did not slip right off onto the ground. The little slit in the front did not rip, even when I was jumping over snowbanks, huge slush puddles, and getting into vehicles that are so tall that they really should have ladders to get into. But I will take the waist in. Maybe I will leave myself a little room, just in case, but 2 inches is too much!

What’s that, you like my shirt? Thanks, I made it in January. The scarf in November.

8 thoughts on “Love me some Ikea!

  1. I have Ikea fabric too, that I think is fabulous! Some of the heavier canvas type fabric as well as med. weight cotton. Have not made anything with it yet, though. I did not see that brown and blue paisley one when I was there. I like your outfit!

    • Catja, I don’t know what your plans are for March, but I CHALLENGE you to make something from Ikea fabric. Hopefully something wearable, for yourself, not for the kitties. Do you accept?

      • Oh!!!!!!!!!! I totally accept!!! I just gave myself a sewing dare, but it does not feel the same as when somebody else gives out one. So, YOU ARE ON!!!! And, yes, it will be for myself, lol. Although may also have to make one for Kitty. You know how they can be…..

  2. I have a few great pieces of Ikea fabric as well. I never thought to check there, but they have some good stuff! I’ll be following you now too….

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